Play Your Part in Changing Her World!

Do you remember what it was like to be in that “in-between” stage when you were transitioning from a child to a teenager?

Maybe you remember feeling like you didn’t measure up and would do just about anything to fit in.

Recent statistics reveal that not much has changed.

Seven out of ten girls feel

they don’t measure up.

It’s time that statistic grew smaller!

My friend Michelle Nietert, who also loves tweens because she has one, are looking for a few friends who have a heart for young girls and want to help them to build Christ Confidence!

Is that you?

If so, apply to become a part of the Brave Beauty Book Launch Team.

If you’ve never been on a launch team, here’s what you’ll get just for being a part of the team:

  • Access to the Private Facebook PageOn this special page, we’ll be connecting, praying, and celebrating. There will be graphics to share, upcoming giveaways, contests, special promotions and more!


  • We’ll be reading Brave Beauty and discussing it together in the private Facebook group. This will provide valuable tools for investing in the tween in your life.


  • Free advance access to Brave Beauty in digital format before the book hits the shelves! (valued at $9)


  • A Free download of the Brave Beauty Study Guide (valued at $8)


  • Facebook Live sessions with Lynn


  • Special prizes/give aways only for those who are a part of the Brave Beauty Launch Team


If you want to get in on changing the future of today’s tween girls and this is the type of fun you’re into …  join us!

Just click here to complete the application.

For those who apply, next steps will follow in the third week of July!

When I am worried about what others think of me, I will be brave and focus on what GOD says about me!

Just one of the many declarations

we will be pouring into tweens through

Brave Beauty! 




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