Praying to God Our Promise-Keeper {GIVE AWAY DAY}

God is Our Promise Keeper


Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16 (NIV)

I invited my friend Wendy Blight to share with you today about Praying to God Our Promise-Keeper


Knowing God by name. Calling upon God by name. Praying His Word, His Promises, back to Him are powerful and effective ways to usher God’s life-transforming work into our lives because our God is a Promise-Keeper.

But prayer is hard. It doesn’t come naturally to most women. I know it didn’t for me. The thought of praying out loud intimidated me. Made me feel uncomfortable.

But I have also learned that without prayer, we will never get to know the promise-keeping side of God. In order to know our Promise-Keeper, we’ve got to interact with Him. Pray to Him. And more than just pray, pray His promises, His Word, back to Him. It’s the substance of His promises that transform our prayers to be those powerful and effective prayers James talks about in James 5:16.

This truth came alive to me last year at a women’s conference in Houston.

The women’s ministry leader invited me to share my testimony. It’s a hard story for me to tell. In 1986, just days after my graduation from Baylor University, I fell victim to an armed, masked man hiding in my apartment. The horrific events of that June day locked me in a prison of fear for years. I hated God. I felt abandoned and forgotten by the One I grew up believing loved and cared for me.

A few weeks after my attack, a friend gave me this promise: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you” (Deut. 31:6, NIV). But at the time, it meant nothing. In fact, I saw it as a lie. He had forsaken me. He sat on his throne in heaven and watched what happened to me and did nothing.

Thankfully, God did not leave me in that dark place. As time passed, my heart slowly opened to God’s Word. It was a long and arduous journey, but over a decade later, through much prayer and the transforming power of His Word healing came. Freedom came. My test became a powerful testimony.

As I closed my message and stepped off the stage, a woman walked up and shared her story. Little did I know it was my story too.

She had been a student at Baylor at the time of my attack. She was part of a ministry whose leader invited them to pray for the young woman who had been attacked (me). They prayed a passage from Psalm 62 over me every week … for two years! They prayed the promises of the Promise-Keeper.

Grasp the miracle here. At the very time I felt abandoned by God, He had raised up believers to pray. And not just pray, but pray God’s Word. His promises. She showed me her Bible. Yes, she still had it! Next to the passage was 1986 and my name.

As I read the passage, I saw clearly how each promise had come alive in my life. My promise-keeping God had honored each and every one.

I pray my story not only encourages you to pray but also opens doors for you to invite others to pray. Because you never know what God is up to in the midst of all those prayers!

Will you join me in praying God’s Word back to the One who is our Promise-Keeper? He always honors His Word. In fact, Isaiah 55:11 promises His Word will never return void and will accomplish everything He desires and achieve every purpose for which He sent it … even thirty years later!


In addition to God Our Promise-Keeper, there are hundreds of Names of God. I invite you to visit Wendy’s blog to get a sneak peek of her newest Bible study, I Know His Name and also sign up for her FREE companion devotional, “5 Days to Knowing God More Intimately.”

I Know His Name


Today, I am so excited to give away a copy of Wendy’s new book, I Know His Name. To enter to win, just share who you would like to share this Bible study with and yes you can say you! If you’re in a hurry, just comment, “I’m in!”

I’ll announce the winner next week!


*** The winner from last Friday of “His Revolutionary Love” is Anna Sheets. Anna, please send me your address and I’ll get it right out to you!”





  1. I would share this with a new sweet lady in my Bible study group. She had many questions and seemed a little overwhelmed when we began to pray. I think this would be a good starting point.

    1. April, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. And knowing the names of God is a beautiful way to equip a friend to pray. Your friend is blessed to have you. 🙂



  2. I would share the Bible study with a young lady who I am mentoring, who is like a daughter to me. I am praying that God will use me to draw her into a love relationship with Himself.

    1. What a beautiful gift you are giving this young woman, pouring your heart and your faith into her life. I join you in you prayer for her. I know she not only sees Christ in you but is experiencing His love and grace through you! Thank you for wanting to share the names of God with her through “I Know His Name.”



  3. Kelly Davis says:

    I would share it with my daughter. She has gotten out of church and I feel this book will help her. She is a new mom and is going through some very rough times right now.

    1. Kelly, it’s so hard being a new mom. I pray the Lord will use you during this hard time in her journey to draw her back to Jesus through your love, understanding, wisdom and prayers. And I pray God will tender her heart to receive His love and care through you.



  4. I would share this Bible study with my daughter. She lives 1200 miles away and this study would be a great discussion for us.

    1. Judy, I love that you want to share it with your daughter. It would be great for the two of you to do our new “I Know His Name” Proverbs 31 “I Know His Name” Bible Study Class!!



  5. I would share the Bible Study with my daughter. She needs some direction in her life right now.

  6. Delores McPherson says:

    I would love this Bible Study first for myself and then for my sister. Perhaps we could study it together. Either way I would use this to restore and renew my devotion to the Lord. Thank you for your ministry.

    1. I think it’s sweet how so many of you want to share the book with a family member you love. “I Know His Name” is a perfect way to draw your heart back to God because it reveals His heart, His character and His attributes so that you can know Him better and love Him more.



  7. I would love this for myself, and as I am reading it will pray for who I am to pass it along to next! 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Yay! I love that you want “I Know His Name” for yourself. 🙂



  8. I would share this with a friend who God wants to mature spiritually. Prayer is so important in our maturity. She may just be praying for this or putting me down as a recipient as well. We all need to share resources.

  9. I would share this devotional book with my best friend Lynn and sister in Christ. We have prayed with and for each other through numerous trials and triumphs. We are always quick to advise the other to “Give it to the Lord in prayer” and meditate on His Word.

    1. Jen, it’s such a gift to have a best friend who is also a believer. I’m thankful the Lord has blessed you with a friend who walks through the good times and the bad with you based on the foundation of Christ and prayer. “I Know His Name” would be a great book to go through together to grow closer to God as girlfriends and sisters in Christ.



  10. With myself! I used to pray when I was younger and now I pray, but much differently.

  11. I would love this and would love to share it with my daughter.

    1. It blesses me so much to see how many of you want to share “I Know His Name” with your daughters. How blessed your girl is to have a mama who seeks to help her grow deeper in her walk with God.



  12. I would like to have this to share with my mom who is battling cancer. I know how Wendy’s words speak to me and I would like to see my mom hear this and find hope again.

    1. Carol, thank you for leaving a word of encouragement for me today. It means so much to know God uses the messages He lays on my heart to speak to you! Lifting a prayer for your mom, and you as you walk alongside her, during this trial. May Jehovah Rapha (God the Healer) and Jehovah Jireh (God our Provider) make Himself known and real during this time.



  13. Angie Weeks says:

    I would share this study with my daughter whom is going through a really tough time right now. With anxiety and depression she can yell all of Gods names to help her and praise him!!

  14. I would love this and I would love to share with one of my dear friends.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for wanting to share more about God and His names with your friend.



  15. Renée Cornelius says:

    I would like to share a copy with a friend who let’s her anxiety keep her a prisoner in her own home. She has great fears in her life and won’t release them to God. Her name is Gayla. Please help me pray for her so she can be released from the stronghold that fear has over her life.

  16. Allyson Estes says:

    Honestly, I would love it for me. I pray and talk to Him all the time. However, I HATE praying out loud in front of people, even my own husband. I would love to feel confident in praying out loud, so I could show my husband how. We are at two different places in our walk, and as much as I want him to be the spiritual leader in the family, for now I need to be the one to lead him. I just don’t always have the confidence to do it, though.

  17. I would love to share this Bible study with myself.

  18. Oh my!!!! Just one person to share this with! This study is going to be amazing. Everyone should want in. “I’m in!!!!!!!!”

  19. I would share this Bible study with a dear friend who is going through a divorce and is shaken about the unfaithful act of her husband. God promises to never leave or forsake us and I know she needs to be assured of God’s continuing care and love in this difficult time.

    1. Kathy, so thankful God has placed you in your friend’s life for such a time as this … to point her to God and His faithfulness even during the darkest of times.



  20. This sounds like just what I need right now and then so many friends and family to pass it on to!

    1. Thank you for stopping by today! It’s always a blessing to dig deeper into the names of God so that we can get to know Him better and know ourselves better because we are created in His image!



  21. This was such a huge thing for me to read today. I’ve always known that He would never leave us or forget about us, but sometimes I forget. Thank you for such a great reminder that he is at work in our lives, even when we don’t see it with our own eyes at the time.

    1. So thankful this name of God and the promises that come along with it spoke to your heart today!



  22. Lynn, thank you for inviting me to your blog today to share about my new book, “I Know His Name.” It’s been a blessing to read these comments. And thank you for coming alongside me as this message goes out into God’s Kingdom!!



  23. I would share this with a good friend who still has a hard time believing in God. This would help her know that God is with her in all moments of her life.

  24. April Anstey says:

    I’m going to be honest – I could use this book for myself 🙂

    Down the road, who knows…I may be given the opportunity to pass it on to someone else who needs it.

    Pay it forward and bless others.

  25. I’d share it with my dear sister Karen. ❤️


  26. I would like to share this with my sister. She is needs help in knowing him and believing he loves her.

  27. Diane Longfellow says:

    I plan to share this bible study with my small group.

  28. Gina Winn says:

    I’m in! I love to read about prayer! I have personally seen how God has moved when I’ve battled on my knees. The more I read and learn about prayer, the more powerful my prayers seem to become.
    Thank you!

  29. Kathi Whittamore says:

    I’m in!!!

  30. What a fantastic faith-building story by Wendy! Only God can do these miracles in our lives. I have experienced so many moves of God in my life that they could fill a book. Living a Christian life and knowing the God who made us, is anything but boring!
    I would share this bible study with my daughter and my friend… who may just use it at the women’s bible study group at church. Sounds fantastic!
    Thanks Wendy and Lynn!

  31. I would love to read this book and then pass it along to my BFF! Thanks!

  32. nancys1128 says:

    I would so love to win this book! I have signed up for the P31 Ministries Bible Study Class that will be doing this book as its first study. I love that God has so many names. It shows how all-encompassing His love for us is. It seems there is a name for every role He can play in our lives. It’s going to so nice to investigate some of them far beyond their surfaces.

  33. I would like to use it with my women’s ministry group. They are prayer warriors,
    but i would like to have us pray His promises for each of us. In that way i would also
    enjoy the study.
    I have used other of Wendy’s studies or shorter versions and have reviewed them often
    to recall some of her message. I love reading these blogs and sharing them with my friends and
    family members.
    I also want to understand the names and their meanings for God. Bless you for caring
    about all women and sharing yourself and others with us

  34. I would so love to win this book! I have signed up for the P31 Ministries Bible Study Class that will be doing this book as its first study. I am so looking forward to this study.

  35. I love Wendy’s teachings and I so love getting to know my Father better with His names. I met a woman about 8 months ago and we immediately became sisters in Christ- we felt the Spirit pulling us together . We are now prayer partners for each other’s needs because we love and trust each other . I know how she she so loves The Lord so I would share this with my sister in Christ, Betty. Also, as I text or email those who need The Lord I feel I could use the meaning of Gods Names to minister to others. Thank you all.

  36. I would love this book to share with a dear friend who is losing her faith I’m excited to be a part of this study

  37. What an amazing testimony. And I love Wendy and her writings… So looking forward to reading this new book!!!

  38. Sharon+C. says:

    I would like to share this book with my sister. We lost our dad last year. My dad and mom were always griping and never said I kind word to each other. Since he’s passed away my mom has taken to being negative and bitter to my sister. She goes out of her way to hurt her. They live close together and could be of great comfort and joy to each other. My mom is just so toxic in her attitude. I try to share encouragement to my sister to help make things easier. I know praying God’s word over the situation could solve a lot of the hurt and pain. Mom will be 92 in a few days and for some reason she feels like she has the right to speak this way to others. She has no friends. Even if I don’t win I would ask if you could pray with me over this situation. I hate for mom to spend her last days so mean and miserable. We were abused as children. We always blamed our dad but the more we see her actions we can see some of the reasons for his attitude. It wasn’t right but it’s understandable and we can forgive more easily. Thanks so much. In His Precious Name.

  39. Is it too late to be included on this? It’s perfect timing and seems like what I am looking for – so it would be for myself.

  40. I would love to have this for myself but would love to share with my sister in law that has gastroparisis and OD last week. Thank God her husband came in when he did. Thank you and God bless , Kim Wood

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