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I had been given a project. Not too difficult, but for someone like me who has been out of the work force for awhile, it was still a challenge. The gals at Proverbs 31 Ministries had asked me to gather some materials for the website. I asked a couple of questions and plunged right in, happy to be useful.

About half way through, I had a thought “I wonder if this is what they had intended? Maybe I should ask.” Not wanting to be a pain and get in the way, I trudged forward. About an hour later, the same prodding came, “You may be doing this wrong. Why don’t you ask?” Again, letting pride get in the way, I kept going in the same direction.

When the time came to run to meet my kids at the bus stop, I informed Renee that I was done and showed her my work. Sure enough, it was wrong. That voice I was hearing was the Holy Spirit and I had ignored it.

I felt pretty dumb last Thursday. I had wasted my time, wasted their time and possibly left a lasting impression that I can’t follow directions. I felt embarrassed and dejected (by no fault of anyone but my own!). Renee was very kind, but I still felt awful.

Maybe that is how those disciples felt that night out on the sea. Working, all night long in the dark, with no results. Jesus was gone and now the fishing stunk as well! As the sun began to come up, they still didn’t see Him. Quietly, standing on the shoreline. I guess they weren’t expecting Him, so they weren’t looking.

Then He called. He asked them the question He already knew the answer to “Friends, haven’t you any fish?” (John 21:5). So gentle, yet powerful. He followed that up with a command, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.”

I hope I learned something last week and from the disciples. As I head out to work today, I am going with a different attitude. Lord, what is your command? I don’t want to do things my way; ignoring Your voice. What do you want me to do today? I am ready to listen!


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  1. Oh Lynn, I have done the exact same thing. I know how you must have felt. When I started working last Fall, after being a stay-at-home Mom for 15 years, my employer was so kind to continually tell me that no matter how many times I needed to ask, that she would much rather be interrupted and repeat herself to me until I understood exactly what was required, then to try and muddle through on my own. She was so patient with all my questions, and having instructions reinforced certainly helped me catch on to my duties quicker. The times I went ahead on my own, usually resulted in error and then not only did I have to swallow pride and admit my mistake, but confess that I hadn’t come to her for assistance.

    I know these gals would have been so kind to you as well, and praying that your next working day there will go better.

    Love ya,

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