Right on Time

Screaming to be done, my least favorite chore called out to me all morning. I had tried to avoid vacuuming the stairs; had even considered waiting for my little one to come home from school to pawn the job off on her. Yet, I knew, this time, it was my turn.
Grabbing the Dirt Devil (who gave it that name anyway!), I got her roaring. I decided that I could make the most of my time by spending this time talking to my Jesus. As different friends and family came to mind, I would lift up a one line prayer for them. About half way up the case, my grieving sister-in-law, Terri, came to mind. (I shared with you in my blog “It’s Wedding Season” how her precious mother had passed away leaving behind an incredible legacy). After praying for her, I felt the need to send an email of encouragement. Not later, but now. Off went the cleaner; I made my way to my office. After clicking some words of hope, I reluctantly returned to my date with the Dirt Devil.
Hours later, upon checking my email, I saw a reply from Terri. During her lunch hour at work, her grief came over her like a flood and she found herself in tears. But then, just like it came, it went and she began to feel peaceful. After reading my email, she checked the time I sent it – it was when she had been crying. Jesus was there…right on time.
As I tucked Madi in bed last night, she said “Where is Prayer Bear?”. I’ve never heard of Prayer Bear (Madi has no less than 10 – 12 bears on her bed, so don’t think too harshly of me!) She grabbed a chunky gorilla out from under the covers and gave it a huge hug. “Every time I hug it, I pray for my friend” she shared. Her friend’s parents have separated this year and Madi knows her friend could use some extra prayers.
1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us to pray without ceasing. Sometimes that time is easy – driving in your car, washing the dishes, in the shower. Sometimes, it is not so convenient. A friend of mine was trying to sleep a week or so ago, when she was awaken. Frustrated after not being able to go back to sleep, she decided to pray. This time I was the fortune recipient of the prayer!
Take the time to pray – for one of your dear friends or family, you might be right on time! (If I find myself receiving a bear from one of you one day, I will assume you are the one needing the prayer this time! I’ll keep my eyes open!)


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