RX for the Heart

I was given a gift this weekend. It was a Bible Study called “RX for the Heart”. This book is written by a doctor whose conclusion is that the medicine for worry in life is thankfulness.

Yesterday I opened my email to read again of those in Iowa who are struggling to put it all back together again after the floods. I am sure that many ask “why” as they plow through the moldy carpet; the stinky mess. What does the Lord offer to us in these seasons of life when life is hard; when life doesn’t seem to make sense and we are tempted to give in to being cynical and negative?

I was in Colossians 1 again this morning and oh, how the Lord reminded me today of ALL I have to be thankful for. None of it had anything to do with this world! verses 9 – 14 list these precious promises for those of us who are His:

1) He has delivered me from the power of darkness!
2) He has translated me into the kingdom of the Son of His love!
3) I have been redeemed!
4) I have forgiveness!

These are promises that I need to cling to every day. Like many of you, if this world was all there was, if the best of this planet was the best that was offered…I would be so disappointed (and my life is great!). But…it is not all there is! In Him, every day, there is so much more! The joy that comes from thankfulness is powerful! It has the charge I need to move my mind from the negative to the truth of His generosity to me.

I hope you will choose thankfulness today. Thankful for His salvation. Thankful for His unending and perfect love to us; unconditional and unearned. Thankful for the promise of a place that He is preparing for us to go to one day. Thankful for His provision and protection. Thankful for the very air we breathe!


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  1. Lynn, I wrote one of my posts about God’s promises today too! I think we are all focusing on God’s guidance and provision.

    His Word says that a joyful heart is good medicine…”God medicine”. Our joy overflows into thankfulness as we recognize God as the Giver of all good gifts.

    Standing on His promises,

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