Simple Trust

It looks like it is going to be another perfect fall day in Charlotte. I am having a few friends over for lunch today. We’re going to discuss chapter three of “He Speaks to Me” together. I’ll let you know what other insights I get from them!

At a time when our economy is going wacky, simple trust is going to be more important than ever. On Tuesday, I had my time with the Lord for 2 1/2 hours at the gas station, waiting in line to get gas (I finally left the station because the gas tanker had still not shown up).

It seems that in our country, some of the most simple things in life are becoming issues of trust for some of us. In her book “He Speaks to Me”, Priscilla Shirer challenges some of our thinking on what trust looks like. She reminds us that Jesus said that unless we come to Him as little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Children trust their parents for EVERYTHING. Food, clothing, a place to live. She says, “Failure to do exactly what God asks, regardless of how strange and incomplete His instructions may seem, shows that we don’t trust Him. It shows we don’t believe that He is God and knows what’s best.”

I have to say that the times in my life when I have trusted God (obeying and following Him even when I just don’t get it) are the times when I have received the most blessing. Some of those have been:
* Saying “no” to dating Greg so that I could focus on my relationship with Jesus only to have God say “yes” to marrying him later
* Choosing to stay at home with my kids and home school and later getting to do my true heart’s desire – ministry & writing.
* Choosing to honor Greg when he asked me to not start working last year and now am getting to volunteer with others who have the same passion as I do!
* Choosing not to go into debt last year to get something I just “knew” would make our family happy. The Lord knew what was going to happen in the economy!

Those are a few of the times in my life when I have trusted that the Lord knew what He was doing, even when I didn’t want to obey. Priscilla reminds us that even when we can’t see the answers “trusting the Lord implies that we expect Him to come through for us”.

What are you trusting Him for today? I am trusting Him:
* to find the right publisher for my book and have it done in His timing
* to take care of us (Greg’s business is in investments) at this crazy time
* to give us wisdom on where Mariah should go to high school (she is considering Christian school
* to give us wisdom on where Zach should go to college

Of course the list would go on and on. How about you? How are you completely relying on God today?



  1. Anonymous says:

    Trust, yes now in my walk with the Lord I get what that means. But prior to my walk it was called “if it’s meant to be…..”. How did I ever survive without that proven wisdom only our Lord can give? I know the truth now, that He doesn’t lie, and if His word says something DO IT! Yet, I somehow get off track in the adult minded not childlike trust,and analyze without wisdom. But being a black and white type thinker I do so appreciate going to the Lord for answers and falling on His trust to accomplish life.

    Trusting God has never failed me. I go to Him so readily now trusting in just pure comfort of His love!

    As I age and have less energy to rely on myself and do my own thing……added blessings of conserving energy come in trusting our Wonderful Savior!!

  2. I appreciated how Priscilla writes that trust is something that should be growing in our life. “We’re either learning to trust God more..or we’re drifting away from Him.”

    Our obedience is trust in action. I know first-hand that the Lord rewards those who trust Him. Look at my “She Speaks” adventure. I trusted God like I never had before, and He more than provided, beyond all I could have asked or imagined.

    I’m currently trusting Him to daily direct this season. Trusting Him to guide me into what He desires. Trusting Him with some precious people in my life right now who need a special touch from Him. Trusting Him with my hopes and desires. Trusting to hear from Him and waiting with expectation.

    Simply trusting, (sounds like an oxymoron)

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