Strength, Refuge and Shade

Strength, refuge and shade…it seems our country is in need of all of these things at once.

My home state of Iowa is in a state of disaster. The half where I grew up (Cedar Falls/Waterloo)is flooded and needs His strength to repair the damage that has been done; the other half where I lived before I moved here (Davenport) needs Him to be a refuge from the water that is moving its way down the Mississippi. The state I currently live in (North Caroina) needs Him to be a shade from the constant heat near 100 and the drought.

Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, our wonderful Savior has said He would be all of these to us. Isaiah 25:2 “For You have been a strength to the poor, A strength to the needy in his distress, A refuge from the storm, A shade from the heat; For the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.”

Please take a moment to pray for my husband’s family in Cedar Falls, my brother’s family in Cedar Rapids and my friends in Davenport today and for those of us who lives in the Carolinas (especially those of us who are crazy enough to head out to an amusement park!)


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  1. Hi Lynn,
    Praying for your family. That verse in Isaiah is beautiful and such an encouragement to me today. We have a forecast of “vicious” and “severe” storms coming through tonight and into tomorrow morning. Probably nothing in comparison to what your family has faced, but I’m not a “storm girl”. I’m working tonight until 9pm and then driving home and reading this verse about God being my strength, refuge and shade is such a beautiful promise to hold on to today.
    Hope you had fun at the amusement park!

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