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Doesn’t the passage of time sometimes just freak you out? A couple of weeks ago I emailed Kelly, a young gal who I mentored in high school, asking her if we could get together this summer and reconnect. Kelly said she would love to, but she had just graduated from college and was going to be staying at the university to pursue her master’s. Master’s degree? What happened to the spiked hair, spunky gal I used to hang out with? She is a full blown adult!

I often think of summer time as a slower time and a time for me to reconnect with teen gals that I have had the opportunity to hang out with over the years. But as time moves faster, so the lives of these young gals change.

This week, I got to spend time with Katelynn. As I listened to Katelynn talk about her sophomore year in college, it reminded me more than ever that as one of those who have gone before the younger generation it is important for us to be a source of encouragement. Katelynn shared with me her frustration of not being able to find a mentor who would come along beside her and show her the path through this next stage of life.

I asked Katelynn what I could share with adults on how they can be helpful to those who are younger. Her answer “Invest. Come along side us and show us the way. Show us how to go down the paths that we have never been down before.”

Today’s passage in my daily reading said exactly that “…Each generation tells of your faithfulness to the next.” Isaiah 38:19. Who is in your life that is a part of the next generation that you could tell of the faithfulness of God? Does your church need adults to step up? I know it takes time. It takes an incredible amount of unselfishness, but I believe we are called to do it. Do you have a niece or nephew who could use going out for a Coke a couple of times a month in order to be able to vent to one who is wiser? Have you ever taken the time to share your testimony with your grandchild? You never know what impact you can have on the life of a teen. Take it from one who has mentored teens long enough to see them beginning to grow up – you cannot measure just how God can use you to shine the path for one who is struggling to see the right way.

You never know. You just might be the answer to a mom’s prayer. I know that I often ask the Lord that I will be allowed to reap what I have sown; that just as I have sown into the lives of teens who are not my own, that another will come along and sow into the lives of my children.

If you want to know more about how you can do that, ask the Lord and if after talking to Him about it you have a sense that you are an investor, I’d loved to talk to you more!


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  1. Hey, Lynn! This was powerful and very timely. I can't waitt to chat with you next week about working with high school girls…God is pulling me in a different direction, and I would LOVE your thoughts and prayers!!


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