Thanks…Dare I Ask Again?

Dear Bloggy Friends,

Your feedback through Facebook, emails and comments has been very helpful. Can I ask your help again?

Here are the winning three. The first line is the title with the sub-title choices in italics. Once again, let me know your favs!

His Revolutionary Love:
Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You
Jesus’ Passionate Pursuit of You
Finding, Feeling, and Knowing Jesus’ Love for You
Passionate Pursuit of Jesus

He’s SO Crazy for You:
The Radical Love God Wants You to Know
Crushed by Jesus’ Radical Love
How God’s Unchanging Love Changes Everything

Revolutionary Love
He Is That Into You

Can’t wait to let you know what you pick! I appreciate you so and please remember that this book is being written for teen girls ages 13 – 17, sharing with them that Jesus wants to be the love of their life so I need feedback from that age group. Thanks again!




  1. I like He’s SO Crazy for You: How God’s Unchanging Love Changes Everything!

    I taught junior high at my church on Sunday nights for a couple of years and to me this title would appeal to them.

    I'm not in that age bracket (56), but I'd read it!!!!

    I'd love to get back in that age group one day!! Never a dull moment!

  2. Kelly,
    Teens need women of all ages investing in their lives. I encourage you to get involved with them again! If you need help, why not start a Proverbs 31 Gather & Grow group for girls? I'd love to help,

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