Thanks is Good

I absolutely love a journal. White, crisp, blank pages waiting to be filled! The prettier the better!

This morning, I started a new one. I found it in my cabinet. Blue with a child painting a sign that says “Anything is possible…”. The sole purpose of this journal is to celebrate the hand of God in my life past, present and future. I began with writing everything good thing that has taken place in my life since one year ago. After that, I read them out loud! Wow; He is faithful!

While you are out running errands this weekend, pick yourself up a pretty new journal and begin your “thanksgiving” book. I read of a teen this week that started this. She now has over 500 entries of seeing God’s goodness in her life. How great is our God!


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  1. Hey Lynn, I'm sure I have stationery with the exact same picture!!!!

    What a great idea!! A girlfriend gave me a new journal for my b'day and it's still sitting waiting for words to cover it's pages. What better than words of thanks!

    Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Love & prayers,

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