That’s the Coffee Cup I Am {Give Away Day}

My friend Katy McCown is joining me today to talk about something many of us love; coffee Well sort of.  The everyday Katy loves a strong cup of coffee, or two. I learned a lot from her words, so I wanted to share them with you today!

Here’s Katy:


“Women live like a cup tipped over on its side. They give and give and pour out everything they have until there’s nothing left.”


I stared out my front door, listening to the raindrops fall as I absorbed what my friend had just said. All I could think was, Nailed it!


But as we talked more, another image surfaced. The same cup, but this time not empty at all. This time it’s upright and full. So full, the goodness inside breaks the rim and spills over, covering everything it touches.


“That’s what we’re going for,” my friend said. “That’s what God wants.”


On a side note, I imagine my cup in this little exercise full of coffee … But really, all too often I feel like the first cup. Empty – or at least on my last drop.


I want to love more, do more and give more, but eventually I run dry.


Then I read a verse like this one in John and wonder, What am I missing?


“The one who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him.” John 7:38 (HCSB)


Streams of living water … Moving, rushing out from the depths of my soul … and I don’t know whether to end that sentence with a period or a question mark. Because could that really be a statement of fact? Surely that’s reserved for only a few people, in a much slower season of life.


But that’s not what Jesus says. No, Jesus says these streams of living water flowing deep from within are available to anyone who believes in Him.


If we believe in Jesus, yet still feel like a cup tipped over on the table …


Maybe we just need to unclog the stream.


I’m well acquainted with the struggle to stop and fill up the gas tank in my car. It pains me to pause, but eventually it puts me in a pickle. I’m desperate to fill up and there’s not always a station in sight. So I’m left sweating it out.


I find my soul tank isn’t much different. I always think I can go further only to find myself on the last drop, anxious for a moment to pull over and fill up.


In the hustle and bustle it can be hard to find these soul stops, so I want to share with you three things I’ve found that help me keep my soul tank full.


  1. Look for short stops. Some days start full speed ahead and before you know it the day comes to a close and everything is a blur. One way I keep my focus on God and His plans even on the busiest days is to set aside 3-5 minutes throughout the day to literally drop to my knees and talk to God. It redirects my worry and frees me up to keep my thoughts on Him even in the midst of chaos.
  2. Pay attention. So often I feel like God sends me encouragement, I just don’t stop long enough to notice it. As you set your soul on the mission to fill up and stay filled, ask God to get your attention. Then look for Him at work in the simplest ways – a text from a friend at just the right time, a song in your heart and you don’t know what made you think of it, or a giggle with your kiddo that refreshes your spirit.
  3. Set limits. Pick a time your distractions begin and tell them when they end. During those hours do the phone thing and computer thing and every other thing that you pour your soul into, but when those hours tick to an end, shut it down. Determine to save time at the end of your day or beginning of your day (or better yet both!) for nothing other than soul-filling time with your Savior.


It’s important to note not all fuel is good fuel. Our souls rely on one fuel source and that is fellowship with God through His Son Jesus. Any substitute may take us a few miles further on our journey, but it will not last and could even cause damage.


Your Life: Simplified


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Today, Katy has given me the opportunity to give away FREE access to 

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to one of my readers! To enter, simply share before which of the three points Katy shared seems most helpful to you in simplifying your life. The winner will be announced next week!



***** This contest is now closed. The winner is Marisha who posted on 2017/05/13 at 9:31 am. Congratulations, Marisha! *******


Katy’s bio:

Katy McCown is a writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries, wife to NFL quarterback, Luke McCown, and mom to 6 energetic (sometimes wild) kids. Katy left her job as a television news reporter to join Luke on their adventure in the National Football League. Twelve years, 6 kids and 5 teams later, it’s safe to say the road has been anything but predictable. Along the way, Katy has learned to hold on to God’s promise in Proverbs 16:9, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”

Katy recently launched the She Laughs Conference and seeks to empower women to walk the established steps the LORD lays out for them, even if everything else feels shaky.

The everyday Katy loves a strong cup of coffee, or two. She works hard to perfect the art of pushing multiple children on swings all at once (without anyone falling out), and her car is never clean. Never ever.

Connect with Katy on her blog at



  1. Definitely the Set Limits! I try. But it’s one step forward 3 steps back!

  2. Melissa Plets says:

    All three are good, but “set limits” has to be the one! My intentions are right THERE, but my self-talk always seems to whisper, “just one more thing…”

  3. Look For Short Stops:)
    This helps me to refocus and Pay Attention (Focus & Refocus)
    Remind myself to Set Limits (no is okay sometimes-even to myself)

    Smiles& Prayers!

  4. Linda Neely says:

    #1 for sure! I get so caught up with the busyness of the day and forget to pause and pray, especially about those little things that pop up through the day.

  5. Tracy Schrimpf says:

    “Set limits” is the one for sure that I need growth in!

  6. I love the idea of setting limits to make certain the beginning and end off the day are set aside for Jesus! That’s what Daniel did, and look at his relationship with God! I want that.

  7. Pay attention for sure!!! I need to be present, focused, and in the moment. I allow the world to distract me and it is a struggle to pay attention to the little things.

  8. Thank you for sharing this post. I so needed it at this moment and love the concept of fuel tanks and stopping for gas…..something I hate to do! I need to learn to slow down and I especially like step 1 – I need to work on that!!!

  9. I feel like I spend every day full speed ahead and by the time I get to the end of my day to slow down, it’s eye shut because I am too exhausted to do anything else. I will certainly try to take “Short Stops” along the way. Even if it is a quiet moment in my car before I enter the house after work, or to just breathe before running into the grocery store to pick up dinner. We all can get so easily distracted and rush through our day. Perhaps I need to “Pay Attention” as well.

  10. All are good, but the one I struggle with the most is Set limits!!! Why is it soooo difficult??

  11. I struggle with setting limits.

  12. Setting limits…especially with my phone. I can remember how less distracted I used to be without it!

  13. I need to pay attention to all the great things God blesses us with. I related to being so busy we don’t hear his voice or see it all around us. Asking Him to open my eyes & feel His presence. Being thankful for your childrens laughter, that text from a friend or seeing his creation.

  14. I need to do better at setting limits. I have the morning time down M- F, but weekends are tough. I can add an evening time since I am usually the only one awake late in the evening, which will be a much better way to end my day than playing games on my iPad while watching television.

  15. #3 – Setting Limits to make certain the beginning and end off the day are set aside for nothing other than soul-filling time with the Lord. Setting Limits #3 makes it possible for numbers 2 and 1 to follow!

  16. Vicki Wachowiak says:

    Paying attention is where I struggle. I get so busy throughout my day at the hospital that Jesus will come and go and he will pass me in a blur. I worry he will then stop showing himself to me. That saddens and scares me. I really want to change this.

  17. PAY ATTENTION!!! I really need to do a better job of paying attention to what God is prompting me to do.

  18. Finding the stops. Some days it is go go go and I forget to just take a stopping point for even a few minutes.

  19. Tamara Farson says:

    Actually, I like all three points! But I think the first one might be most helpful for me!

  20. This book looks fabulous!
    I am going to Pay ‘more’ attention. I try to pay attention to hear God and see God throughout my day, but I know I must be missing a lot, because He is awesome all the time!
    Thanks for this! Such a good word!

  21. All three are definitely important!! I would have to say it’s a toss up between setting limits and paying attention. Business is a huge distraction for me, I need to learn to set those limits, but to also pay attention to the quiet whispers from God.

  22. Pay attention! So often, I pray about something and as God answers it gets lost in the ‘busyness’ and I forget to revel in the joy of the answer and thank Him for the amazing ways we leads & guides!

  23. I think for me it is the number one tip that she listed. I also figured that it is better for me if I try to sprinkle time with God’s word and with God throughout the day, rather than thinking that I can do a longer time at the end of the day or a particular time, because you never know how the day will turn out. So these days I prefer to do a few short pitstops, and if at the end of the day I do actually have time and energy than I would much rather do extra time with God than finish the day with not spending any time with him at all.

  24. I love all of these, but Setting Limits is the one I need to focus most on!

  25. Point #3 is definitely the most challenging for me. It seems so foreign to me to setting limits & stopping when there’s so much to be done. I’m so used to working at it until it’s completed, even if that means staying up super late to accomplish it. Setting limits could definitely be helpful.

  26. Point #2. I tend to move at a hurried pace and although I know I am really scattered, I delude myself that I am too focused to notice the small things. In reality, I am learning that I am letting myself be too distracted and I NEED to look harder for the little ways that I am being blessed every day to help me stay positive, trusting in the lord and not in myself. Thank you for sharing today and I would love to have the chance to take Katy’s course.

  27. Debra Hughes says:

    I love what you said in point # 3, setting limits about picking a time for distractions, then do all you need to do in that time; once that time for distractions have ended. Take time out with God for soul searching. We all need to try this, with all the hustle and bustle in the world along with everything else we need this. Thanks, Mrs. Katy.

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