The Amazing People of God

This weekend I had an amazing opportunity to travel to the Bay Area in California and got to see the most beautiful things…God’s incredible people! Redeemed Christian Church of God Jesus House Antioch hosted a single ladies retreat. Saturday was filled with new friends, praise and worship and learning more about the way that our God is flipped out madly in love with us!

I met some precious new friends incluing Lizy, Angela, Jennifer, and Titi. In addition to my morning session on “He is That Into You: Finding Perfect Love in the Heart of God”, we had a panel of ladies in the afternoon that was available for questions. The wisdom that these woman had to give young ladies was priceless. They bring so much to offer with their Nigerian culture – purpose, purity, and passion for Jesus!

The day also had a wonderful time of worship. Here is a comment from one of the attendees:

I praise God for your ministry and your obedience. God used you to touch my life in a way I have been praying for years now to be free. Ive been in bondage to lots of things and fornication was a big one. I now understand in such a real way Gods love and the immensity of it. The prayer you prayed over me was so spirit led and it was my lifeline to victory. No longer do I even have a desire to “go there” I have a high calling on my life and the enemy studies us to keep us out of our destiny by targeting our areas of weakness…BUT GOD..LOVE DOES NOT equal sex it equals GOD THANK YOU WOMAN OF GOD FOR LEAVING AN UNERASEABLE MARK ON MY HEART, LIFE AND THE LIFE OF MY 11 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHO MADE THE BIGGEST PLEDGE OF HER LIFE BESIDES SALVATION. WE LOVE YOU. PLEASE KEEP US IN PRAYER AS WE WILL YOU. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

That’s what the day was about!

Saturday night, I had the opportunity to have dinner at Titi and Ogbeide’s home. She made me some terrific Nigerian food. Those plantains tasted like heaven!

Sunday morning was another amazing experience for me. I asked my new friend, Jennifer, “Is everyone at this church related?” She said, “No, we just act like we are family.” They sure did! It is a perfect picture of what the body of Christ should look like. This morning I shared with the congregation, “The Lord is My Shepherd, So Why Do I Want?”. What we truly need in our lives is not a bigger house, a new car, a vacation home, husband or any other thing or person. What I have found each and every day is that I need more of Jesus. One person shared with Pastor Yemi that she had woke up and thought, “I won’t go to church today.” and yet she felt compelled to come. She said the ministry the Lord did had a life changing work in her heart that morning! YES! That is the answer to many, many prayers!

More new friends:
Sister Comfort, Pastor Yemi, and youth pastors Ogbeide and Titi.

Lord, Thank you so much for the amazing work that you did this weekend and that we believe you will continue to do because of the seeds that were planted!



  1. Oh Lynn what a beautiful report! Thank you for sharing…isn't God soooo good? Thrilled how God used you and will continue to do so…love ya..see you next week!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, and that God did amazing things through you! Thanks for sharing and giving us the update, what a wonderful praise. 🙂

  3. Whoo-Hoo!! Praising God from whom all blessings flow! You served as His blessing to these folks. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  4. LOVED seeing you today at the office and hearing about your incredible weekend. Thanks for sharing pictures so we can put faces to the names in your amazing story. God is FAITHFUL, Lynn, and may His abundant blessings follow your obedience. What a story!!!



  5. Thanking HIM for His faithfulness and your "yes" to God obedience!!! Stepping out in faith comes with great risk and sometimes a great sense of inadequacy but He always fills in those gaps when we are so dependent on HIM!! He definitely showed up to be your Enough and to bless the women who drank from the well of Living Water you led them to last weekend.

    Love you!

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