The Gentle Spanking

Did you ever spank your child and then after you were done, she wanted to crawl up in your lap and snuggle? It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are loved after you have been disciplined.

In the best possible way, that is how I felt recently. Through the words of a dear friend, the Lord gave me a very gentle spanking. His purpose: to take me back to the whys – why I speak, why I write and why I want to invest in the lives of others. The whole purpose to it all is to point to Him. SO….if He wants to use me, in whatever way HE wants, He will and if He doesn’t do it the way I am expecting, that’s his proragative!

Sometimes, our perfect Heavenly Father needs to do just that; provide the discipline we need to get us back on or help us to stay on the right path. It may be when we are reading the Word or other times He may choose to use others.

I hope that you have someone who is close and someone you can trust that if they see you need words of truth spoken to you, they know they can be that voice.

Thank you, friend, for being obedient to be his voice to me. I am snuggling him now 🙂



  1. What a great attitude to have! My husband is one person that always speaks the truth in love to me, even when it is hard. I hope that when my dear sisters in Christ confront me with the truth, that I am able to accept it with grace, such as you.

  2. Lindsey, I wish I always had a good attitude. In the past, I have gotten defensive or tried to pass the blame on someone else. I guess this time I just saw the truth for what it was!

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