The Perfect Romancer

Absolutely beautiful! Wouldn’t you say? These are just a few of the precious girls I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with in Winnsboro, Louisanna! It was a perfect weekend of seeing Jesus make His revolutionary love come alive to His treasures. The only problem is that it went way too fast!

One thing that I see as I travel and speak, is that it doesn’t matter if it is Louisanna, North Carolina or California. It doesn’t matter if the girls are 12 or 62, we all want the same thing. For us ’80’s girls, we grew up hearing it was “girls just want to have fun”. Cindy Lauper didn’t have it right. Girls just want to be loved. We want to be known. We want someone to “get us”.

When I turned 30 (just a few years ago, right?) my husband did something precious for me. He surprised me by having my best friends fly here and meet us at a restaurant in downtown called “Thirty”. I was so completely blown away; mostly because my husband “got me”. He knew exactly what I would want. Not a new diamond or a big house. I would want to celebrate with those I loved and loved me.

That’s why I love my Jesus SO MUCH! More than anyone else, He gets me; He’s my perfect Valentine!

Psalm 139:1 – 4 “O Lord…you know me….you perceive my thoughts…you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord.”  (NIV)

Ladies, isn’t that what we desire? Someone who reads our minds; knows what we are thinking? Is so familiar with us that at times we don’t even have to talk and He gets us? That is romantic!! He is everything we are looking for.

Sometimes we get confused. We think it is a man different than this Man. We look to a beautiful home; a career where we are important. But they ALWAYS fall short. They were designed to; they are part of an imperfect world.

But He never disappoints. Never forgets it’s Valentine’s Day. Never slips in the grocery store on his way home with all the other guys who are trying to find something last minute. The day you were born, He knew He would try to show you His love today in a unique way.

Be on the look out today for His gentle love, my friend. Don’t miss His pursuit; He’s coming after you today and every day!

You are loved; perfectly, unconditionally, just the way you are!



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