The R in Prepare Stands for Read

R stands for Read. We need to not only read the Word to our children, but teach and model to them how to read it for themselves. In John 17, Jesus says the truth will sanctify them and your word is truth. They need to know that in order to become more like Christ, they need to know Christ. Knowing Him deeper will come naturally by reading the love notes that He has written to them.

John 8:32 says, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Sometimes when we see our children, they don’t look so free! They are tangled up in bullying, gossiping, iming, texting, school pressure, sports demands, friendship problems and fears. All of these things are part of the adversity that we talked about yesterday – James 1:2 says we are to count it all joy when our life is full of trials. But how would our children know that they are to expect trials and count them as joy unless they know that the Word says so?

I was reading a book on teenagers years ago and it held some advice that I have really clung to. You give them good advice, but it seems to bounce right off. You read them the Word, but it seems to have no effect. The author of this book said to picture your kid’s lives like a car. It may seem that they words have no affect, but in fact, your kids are storing all of these things in their trunk and one day, when it is needed most, your children have have access to all of the things you have put into their “trunk” or their hearts.

Ladies, do not grow weary in well doing when it comes to teaching your kids the Word. Even when they grown when you pull out the devotional book after dinner. Even when they finish the verse you are about to share with them sarcastically because they have heard it so many times. Even when they pick up their phone to text in the middle of your sentence. Your seed is not being sow in vain. His Word will not return void!


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  1. THANK YOU for this encouragement! Sometimes I wonder if ANYTHING during our “Family Worhsip” time is getting through to my teenage son. I like the idea of imagining the truths stored in the trunk of a car – ready and available when needed.

    Thank you for the renewed hope you have encouraged me to hold on to today.

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