The True Gardener

You know those days when you see things in your kid’s life that are just not good? It’s frustrating, maddening, and sometimes scary. So as their parent, you correct and discipline, hoping that will be the end of the wrong ways. Yet, many times, it’s not.

Today, I was praying for my kids. Praying that the Lord would shine His light on any secret or unseen rebellion that is taking root in their hearts. That’s when He shone the light on me. He pointed out that I have been trying to be the Master Gardener in there lives. I have spotted weeds that are not good and instead of asking the Master to remove it, I have grabbed my shovel (my words) and my weed killer (my actions) and tried to hank that thing out myself. He reminded me that removing weeds of rebellion is not my job, but His and He is more than capable.

Father, today we pray for our children. Lord, please do what only You can do. In the gentleness of the True Gardner, please remove the roots of rebellion in the lives of our children so that they do not grow. Do the work completely and thoroughly that they might live lives that reflect Your fruit and not the fruit of their flesh. Help me to look for good seed and to water and fertilize it with Your unconditional love. In Your Name, Amen



  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Lynn, I needed this today. Sometimes, it’s so hard to see if what you are sowing is having any impact on your kids. This is a good reminder to be diligent in sowing and watering. It is God who brings the fruit! 1 Cor 3:6-721691rsetfu

  2. This was sooo good!

    Just letting go and letting God do what He has to do is a must but it’s easier said than done.

    Thank You for the reminder!

    Blessings always!

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