The Voice Behind You

My time with the Lord each day will be in Exodus for awhile, so I’ll share what I am learning in this book of history. During their preparation for leaving Egypt, the Israelites were on a “need to know” basis with God. They had to sit and watch and the drama grew with each plague. What was going to happen? How long would this carry on? They did know that they needed to be prepared to do whatever whenever they were asked.

Exodus 10:26 “All our livestock must go with us too; not a hoof can be left behind. We must choose our sacrifices for the Lord our God from among these animals. And we won’t know how we are to worship the Lord until we get there.” NLT

We won’t know until we get there.
I think in my life, I am constantly trying to figure it out – my next step, what to do next – instead of waiting until I get there. Priscilla Shirer in her book, He Speaks to Me says, “I’ve often claimed to desire God’s direction for my life, but what I’ve really wanted is for Him to bless the path I’ve already chosen for myself.” OOOOOO….that truth hurts! She goes on to share how she has grown, “No longer do I frantically search for God’s will; now I just desperately search for God.” That is what He wants all along. Not us trying to figure out our next move, but us trying to figure out Him – the mystery of who He is – through worship.

Worshipping the Lord has so many different facets – corporate worship, time with Him alone, worship when we have just received a devasting phone call. Though we may not know how we are to worship Him in the different seasons of our lives, we do know that we are to worship Him. When life is wonderful and goodness abounds and when life is difficult and the end of our troubles do not seem near. He says that His presence is near when we praise Him and that is reason enough!



  1. Hi Lynn,

    I need to get my computer gal to add you to my blog list! Please forgive me. I can’t do anything with her. I’m a ding bat in the tech world.

    Love your post. You’ll have to pop over to my blog and take the SPAM challenge!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Another verse in Exodus that spoke to me about the "preparedness" of the Israelites was Ex 12:11, "Be fully dressed, wear your sandals, and carry your walking stick in your hand. Eat the meal with urgency, for this is the LORD's Passover." They were to eat with haste and be ready at any moment to depart. Made me think about being ready at any moment for Christ's return.

    I finished "He Speaks to Me" on Monday night. What a great study. Thoroughly enjoyed going through it and checking in with you here. Are you planning on doing another book?

    Trust all is well.
    Love & prayers,

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