Thursday Wisdom Tip

They called it skipping school.

I called it a mental health day.

Girls in Charleston

Whatever you want to call it, we took it. Our tour group to Charleston, South Carolina included my daughters Madi and Mariah, Mariah’s friend from college (Danielle – that’s her coming around the corner), and I.


Soaking in the sun when it chose to peep out from under the clouds, we walked along the Battery. As if a woman in mourning, one of the grand historical homes worn a drape from roof to garden of black mesh. Shielded from the elements of winter gales from the sea, the repair work underneath the obstructive material could continue no what the harbor winds brought.

From the sidewalk below, the exact rehabilitations were blocked from our view. Yet I knew a deep, beautiful and  much needed effort would bring out a restored lady this spring.

Sometimes in our lives, in order to do the repair work our hearts need, God needs to shield us too. Like the home swathed in black, we might feel grieving, as God removes those damaged parts of our heart. He may “hide” us for a season, quieting our schedules, causing us to be quiet so we can focus on partnering with Him to do the work our broken hearts need. Soaking in His Word, spending time in prayer, and counseling can show us where time and life elements have eroded  our spirits. In the quiet, God can use His Spirit to repair our’s.

Let’s not be afraid when it feels as though our lives, for a season, are being draped in black. God is still there.

Ever faithful, He’ll begin the work as we submit to His care.



The winner from Tuesday’s bundle pack of  “His Revolutionary Love” and “Devotions for a Revolutionary Year” is Ruth who posted on March 11 at 9:09 a.m. Please email me your full name and address, Ruth, and I’ll get them shipped to you!





  1. I have been draped in black and the gentle way He removes it has been so loving and kind.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      What a beautiful testimony, Linda!

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