To See the Lord

“Without holiness no one shall see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14b

I used to think that this passage was solely about seeing him one day face to face. This morning I saw it much differently. (I guess that is why the Bible says that the Word is living and active).

Seeing him means much more than waiting for that day when we get to heaven. Seeing him is for now. Jeremiah 29:13 says that I will find him when I search for him with all of my heart.

Searching. Seeking. With all my heart.

The definition for holiness is:

* recognized as or declared sacred by authority; consecrated
* dedicated or devoted to the service of God
* having a spiritual pure quality

Isn’t searching and seeking Jesus himself holiness? Isn’t that what being dedicated and devoted to the service of God about?

For me, love produces service. I love Greg. To show him that I cook for him, clean for him, make sure his laundry is caught up…I do all of those things because I love him. The opposite though is not always true. Service does not always produce love. In fact, often service from a heart not filled with love produces bitterness and resentment.

Holiness, which is what we need to see God, to see and know him personally on this earth comes as we seek and search for him. Every day. No exceptions. Not on days when my schedule allows. Not on days when I am not sad or feeling down. Not only on days when life is going easy. We become holy, consecrated and as having a spiritually pure quality, as we seek and search for him. As we seek and search for the one who is already pursuing us, our love will compel us to dedication and devotion in servicing our God.

Lord, I want my motivation for ALL I do to be pure; for my motivation to always be dedicated and devoted service out of a heart that loves. Lord, I want to see you!


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