“So,do any of you guys miss school?” No response. I look in my rear view mirror to see three teens, each looking in a different direction, oblivious to the fact that I had just tried to start a conversation with them. Maybe it had to do with the cords hanging out of their ears or possibly it was the little thing with numbers on it in their palms. Either way, no one had a clue that I had just spoken to them.

I am sure that same situation happens by the hour with the Lord. He asks us a question, “How are you doing today?” or pays us a compliment “I liked the way you smiled at the lady in the grocery store today. That made me smile!” We just don’t hear Him. The TV. The radio. The computer. The cell phone. It’s not bad stuff; but it is stuff and it does drown out the best…His voice.

We can all take a clue from Jesus. In Matthew, when he spent some time with the Father, He got away; out into the desert. We need to copy His example. Shut off the stuff and get away. Even if getting away is to our bedroom, our bathtub or the hammock in the backyard.

What is your favorite place to get away? Share with us so maybe we can find that time too. Currently, mine is a big, overstuffed chair in my living room; around 6:30 – 7:00ish each morning. It is covered in palm trees and other tropical things which may me remember times at the beach. The light shines in and it is cozy. Great place to get away; even if it is only steps away from my kitchen.


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  1. Lyn, so great to be home and get caught up on your blog. Glad your family is all back safe and sound as well.

    Feel like I have so much I could respond to several of your posts, but it’s very late, and I should be in bed! However….just had to say that this post is about the 4th time now within 24 hours that God is telling me to ‘be still’ and ‘listen’. Not just hear….but really listen. Sensing He has something He needs to say and I need to lose all distractions and tune my heart to hear His voice.

    Thanks for this encouragement.

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