The email from this precious twelve year old girl this week really broke my heart:

“My parents are getting divorced and none of them are gonna stay in our current house. My Dad wants to move to Missouri and my Mom wants to move to Utah. I don’t wanna come with either one because I hate them now but they’re making me decide. My Mom has a new boyfriend who I hate to bits but my Dad doesn’t have any… at the while, maybe.


My first reaction was “Where do I begin?”

Maybe you have been where this young girl is. Maybe your spouse left you for someone half your age. Maybe your teenager has broken your heart by choosing a path in the opposite direction than you have raised him. What are we to do with pain this deep?

I have the Answer.

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor My covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, Who has compassion on you.” Isaiah 54:10 NIV

He is the only constant.

He is the only thing that is stable and secure.

His love is the one thing that can truly change our situations by healing our hearts and giving us hope to stand on.

It begins by believing that His unfailing love will not in fact be shaken…no matter what. It begins when we pour this truth over the wounds allowing it to fill in the cracks and be a balm to the bruises of broken human love.

This is the radical love that turns things from disaster to hope.

UPDATE: The response has been so great we are extending our give away until Friday, May 6th! Today is the last day of our “His Revolutionary Love” give away. Today for every book purchased on Amazon, we will give away a copy to a girl who might not otherwise be able to obtain one. We will give a book to a girl who needs to know this unfailing, unconditional love.

Today’s partner is Safe Journey. Safe Journey is a community organization that exists to partner with teen age moms helping them to complete high school and move on to get a college education. Tomorrow I will speak at their Rise Summit where I will take copies of “His Revolutionary Love” for each girl present.

Will you choose to invest today in the lives of one of these precious girls? Click here to order.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have partnered with us so far! The support has been nothing short of amazing. God is completely blowing my mind. Most of all, I truly believe that as we speak the truth of True Love lives of young women will be changed for eternity.

With you as you raise your own and reach out to others –




  1. Lynn,
    This book seems like an answer to prayer for me to go through with my 2 teenage daughters! I ordered three books off Amazon today. It is saying that the books may not get shipped until mid June or possibly July.

    I spoke with the gals at Proverbs 31 ministries and they didn't know why Amazon wouldn't get them and ship them sooner……was wondering if you knew any different?

    Much appreciation,

  2. Lynn,

    WOW! Loved this post and that you are parterning with this organization. How awesome of an opportunity you are bringing to these girls to be able to speak love and truth into their lives! SO encouraging. Do you have more information on this organization or a website to share? Would love to hear more about them.

    PS-Just saw my book I ordered was shipped out yesterday. UBER excited for its arrival! 😀 YAH!

  3. Marybeth – I am so sorry. Amazon ran out of copies (what a great problem to have!). They have a shipment of 500 arriving very soon, so your's should arrive shortly.

    Thanks for your patience. I guess they didn't know that God wanted His truth gotten to His girls!

  4. Kristen Marie –

    Children's Hope Chest is a ministry very near to my heart. Tom Davis came and spoke to the P31 team last yeat at She Speaks and they had my heart!

    You can learn more at http://www.HopeChest.org. They are currently doing a Live Free tour! Maybe one is coming near you!

  5. I wish I knew this when I was younger. Through trials in my childhood, including divorced parents, I was so lost and confused. I'm so glad this book is out. I am giving it to so many teen girls!

    Thank you for your heart, reaching out, and partnering with Children's Hope Chest!

    Love you my beautiful friend!

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