Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Does Your Child Need a Hearing Aid?

Learning to hear God’s voice is so important for our children. They need to know and experience the power of God’s faithfulness for themselves and the sooner the better.

Dana Candler┬áhas called this process “developing a history of God”. When our children trust Him and find that He’s faithful, it empowers them with confidence to trust Him the next time.

As parents, we can either help or hinder this process. It can be so tempting to be God’s voice for them.

Our child asks us our opinion on whether or not they should go on a missions trip this summer. As their parent, of course we have an opinion. We could give it, taking advantage of the opportunity to influence them in the direction we want them to go. We could encourage them to seek God first.

Sometimes, the right thing to do is point them in the right direction right away, but not always. We can encourage them to go to God for themselves and seek His wisdom and guidance. Teaching them to consult their heavenly Father first is more powerful than teaching them to come to us first. We don’t want to create children who need us as hearing aids.

From here, we can help them to discern how to hear Him speak and probably at some point along the way, we will sense the Lord leading us to share what we think is best. But let’s raise wiser daughters by teaching them to always go to Father God before they come to us.


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  1. Ibiyemi soyombo says:

    What a wonderful lesson! May the Lord bless you real good.

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