Wednesday Wisdom Tip ~ Don’t Shut the Door!~

Behind the closed door, better yet – locked door – Mindy finds comfort. She hates arguments with her mom, but she never sees things her way! The fights are always the same – what she’s doing wrong. Her favorite weapon, hiding in her room, gives her the last word. At least she wins…

Or so she thinks.

Mindy couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s not just Mindy. Sometimes, as moms, we do the same thing.

Jesus doesn’t tell us “never be angry”.  Legitimate reasons for anger are out there – when kids get picked on or justice isn’t served. What Jesus does say is “do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.”  in Ephesians 4:26. Going to bed mad gives evil a whole night to work. Hours and hours pass as hearts and minds simmer in the boiling fury making it harder for forgiveness to bring peace to the broken relationship.

It’s ok, healthy even, to take a break when tempers flare. Time outs can prevent unwanted words from flying out of an unchecked heart, but don’t let the break last overnight. Agree to disagree, if need be. Ask for forgiveness, say you are sorry. Decide to talk about it when you’re both calm and can reasonably listen and discuss. Just don’t let the sun go down while you’re angry…


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  1. Heather P says:

    I love that you mentioned the time outs to clear your mind before speaking. So many people do not do that and just let it rip. Not easy to hear or handle.

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