Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Filling the Gap

I know you’ve seen it. A girl sets her heart on a guy. He’s not all that interested. She, on the other hand, has got to have him! So she begins the chase. Doing everything she can to make him her’s, she’ll give up the most precious things she has – her heart and body.

She doesn’t have to. She was made for more. She was created for perfect love and that Perfect Love is the filler of her love gap.

Maybe that precious girl was you or is your girl today.

Knowing Jesus is the filler of our love gap makes a huge difference when it comes time for our girls to make choices in regards to boys. Because they do not need that boy to fill their empty heart, to give them confidence, to make them feel beautiful, they do not have to make choices to go against God’s best for them. They don’t have to do whatever it takes to keep their boyfriend because they do not need this boyfriend to complete them; make them valuable! This society teaches, Guy + Girl = Valuable. That is not truth!

God + Girl = a perfect match!

Empower your girl with truth: Jesus radical love is exactly what her hearts wants…she just needs to know it!


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