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Zach & Mo Maine

When my kids were little, I looked forward to Halloween; that’s when my family would get out of town.  I believe witches and ghosts were nothing to play around with, yet, my mom-heart wanted my kids to have fun. So…we went on vacation. No one else vacationed the last week in October; it was the perfect time to make our family memories.

With my kids mostly grown, just listening to music we purchased in Maine or setting out my family fall pictures pulls me back to those happy days. My expectations set for us to be the perfect Jesus family. I knew the path God had for us and I couldn’t wait to see it unfold.

Today, I read Psalm 30 and David’s reference to the grave made me think of Halloween.

In Psalm 30, David sings, “O Lord, you brought me up from the grave, you spared me from going down into the pit.” (v.3)

Read it again; this time out loud. It appears to not make sense. You brought me up from the grave, but you spared me from going down into the pit? Graves, where the dead go, is listed first?

Of course, God’s order is always right. The grave is where we first must go; dying to our expectations so God can redeem. Dead to Lynn and her pride. God knows me so well; my propensity to make it all about me and take credit for what He has done.

And so, He allows life to happen; my expectations to crumble. And when I’m dead, dead to me and how I want my family to be, then He can move. The dead me is the free me! Free to rest from manipulating people and situations. Free to allow God to finish the good work He has started in His way in my family.

Then, as I cling to Him, staying on my knees in prayer, He spares me from the dungeon of depression and the pit of pity as He finishes His sometimes painful work.

As you see your neighborhoods’ decorations and the little people trick-or-treating, let it take you to David’s song. Let’s surrender our expectations of people and just how everything is suppose tot turn out. It’s a hard place to go, but the freedom on the other side is worth it.

In what areas do you struggle with expectations, especially as it pertains to your family?



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