{Wednesday Wisdom Tip} – Her Fullest Potential



Growing up, youth pastors, parents, teachers, and coaches would encourage me to “go for it”, to reach my fullest potential. But as a 17 year old, just trying to make it through high school without messing up, “fullest potential” was vague and hard to wrap my brain around.

I did begin to believe, that God, the One who had created me, had a plan for my life; that I was made for more than college and a career. The verse our youth pastor had us memorize helped that belief to grow:

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” Ephesians 3:20 (NIV)

That belief, that when I partnered with God to obey and honor Him, helped to motivate me and the choices I made in the years that came. I wanted that “immeasurably more” than I could ask or imagine.

I wanted to reach my fullest potential.

Picture a gorgeous piece of fruit, a luscious and juicy Florida orange. The bright and plump skin calls “Peel me!” As you pull back the skin, juice squirts everywhere. This orange is just the kind Tropicana looks for!

Then there is another orange. Puny and shriveled. Something on the tree went terribly wrong. Bugs, disease, lack of sun? Whatever the reason, the orange never reached its full potential. Dried up, the ugly fruit is no use to anyone!

What caused the drastic difference between these two pieces of fruit? One so beautiful, the other so…not? The juicy orange, pleasingly healthy, drew in all it needed to reach its full potential. Sunshine, water, and nutrients from the soil nurtured the fruit into the fullness it was created for. The other orange did not absorb the nourishment it needed.

When we’re planted in God, we become like the tangy, appealing fruit! He provides all we need to reach our full potential—to be the best you you can be!

How beautiful!

Isn’t that what we want to be? Beautiful?

In the process of seeking Jesus’ heart, we become the amazing individual He designed us to be, a girl who is irresistibly magnetic, beautiful inside and out!

Think of the two pieces of fruit. Which one attracts your interest?

We want to teach our girls the same is true for guys. They are drawn to you when you are at your best, your greatest potential! So the you you become impacts who you’ll attract. If that guy you’re crushing on is mature and solid in his faith, he’ll be attracted to a girl who is mature and solid in her faith. Notice I didn’t say that the guy you’re crushing on is going to crush on you. I am saying the type of guy who will be drawn to you is someone who shares your priorities and passions. A guy who is like you is the guy who will like you.

                                                                                         Adapted from “Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants” releasing September 16th! Order now for $50 in free resources!

To share with your girl, pick up a piece of fruit from the store. Wait awhile; let it shrivel. Then, using a luscious piece of fruit, share with her this truth!


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