Wednesday Wisdom Tip: I Lost My Job

Yesterday, I lost my job.

Lost might not be the right word.

Worked myself out of my job? Aged out of my job? However you say it, my job as mom of “kids” is over. Yesterday was my youngest child’s last day of high school.

We began the day with celebrating – a party at breakfast.



Yep – party hats, blowers and our family’s celebration plate all came out to mark the loosing of my job. (Ok, I know I am making this all about me. But stick with me for just a second!)

Celebrate even the every day good things that come your way!
Celebrate even the every day good things that come your way!

Our children, passing from being dependent to independent,  is time for us to celebrate too!

Because here is the thing – if we do this thing called being a mom right – our children grow up, move forward and pursue their own gifts and callings God has given them. And it is time, the right time, for us to make our exit.

I know I am purposefully being a bit dramatic, but I am doing so because I am guessing that like me, there is a part of you that doesn’t want to move over from this spot of motherhood. Like me, you have enjoyed immensely this season called being a mom and you are really sad it is over.

Me too.

But it’s not over. We’ve just done what God has called us to do in the season He has called us. We have nurtured, listened, cried and prayed until we have felt like we have no more hugs, patience, tears or prayers left. Now it is time for our child to call out to God more than they call us. It is time we move into our new season.

Of course, we’ll still be near, to encourage, cheer and give those hugs when needed. But the time for independence has come and together, with God, they’ll get this. We did; they will too!

You crossed the finish line!






  1. I cannot thank you enough for this. My last of four children just turned 18 and in a matter of two weeks of the 18th birthday, he got a car, got an apartment and moved out.

    Thank you for reminding me who I am in his life and that it is time for him to experience life.

    Thank you~

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      We’re in this new season together, Robin! Praying for them to find their wings and fly!

  2. Michelle Berger says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! It’s so hard to let them go when they need us to. Having faith that God will lead them! Miss you!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Yes it is, Michelle! It is so good to hear from you! I hope you are well!

  3. So beautiful, Lynn, and SO needed! Thank you!!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      I’m glad this was an encouragement to you, Bobbie! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. We had graduation and then spent a few days with family celebrating!

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