Wednesday Wisdom Tip: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – What Is Your Girl Playing?



Last month, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, became the hottest free-to download mobile app for Android and iOS .

From new outfits to parties and endorsements, our girls can now “live the life” right through their devices. Which gives me reason to be concerned.

Why? you’re thinking. We grew up playing Barbies or pretending to date Scott Baio. Fantasy didn’t harm us. (Ok, maybe that part was just me)

This game takes imagination to a different level.

For starters, the entire plot of the game is based on buying expensive outfits, nights out and estates. Players can choose their sexuality: straight or not. Not to mention, in order to “get ahead” this free game becomes another place for young people to “spend” money, real money, to get what they want in their fantasy world – a social or romantic life, dreamy wardrobe, and getting rich quick.

For many, this game becomes highly addictive. According to psychologist Simon Moore, part of a psychological insights consultant group, what allures players to spend money on this game is the graphics. 

“Psychologically we are predominantly visual creatures,” Moore told Yahoo Tech. “We are in fact predators — our eyes are on the front of our faces — as a result, our brain gives a lot of attention to visual stimuli.” According to Moore, the rounded-out avatars are meant to max out our sensors. “The exaggerated make and shake of the female body: large eyes, amazing hair, are all things designed to be attractive and engaging visually.”

Screenshot of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Check out my amazing hair flip. 

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is one more message sending the wrong message. True beauty is not found in the right outfit, hair flip or shoes. Beauty, which draws others to us and opens doors for us to share the Giver of Beauty, comes when we invest our time, energy, emotions and yes, money, in becoming more like Jesus.

Open up a dialogue today with the girls in your life by simply asking: Why do you think this game is so popular? Invest in listening to your girl. You might find she sees right through the messages this game is sending. If not, this might be just the open door you’re looking for.

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  1. Good morning, Lynn! When I saw your name this morning in my inbox I thought for sure I had won the Grand Prize Magnetic giveaway! Lol I hope you and your girls enjoy the family that wins! Thank you for the opportunity! Your book will change many lives! You are truly a blessing!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Oh friend, I wish you had won! Thank you for your kind wishes. I am praying, every day, that God will use Magnetic to change the lives of young women and empower them to reach their fullest potential in Christ! Thank you so much, Bobbie!

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