Wednesday Wisdom Tip – More Than You

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It’s going to hit sometime. That moment in the life of your child when they need advice. You’ve invested years in your relationship together so you hope she’ll come to you. Let me ask you: when you were at a crossroads in your life, did you go to your mom? A few of you will say “yes”, but the majority of you will say “no”.

Here is where you can still influence your child: as soon as possible, encourage your child to have a relationship with a godly adult. This person could be their small group leader from church, a friend of the family, a coach with a Biblical perspective, an aunt or an uncle. My girls have a variety of adults that they could call when they need advice. One is a dear friend of mine; another are small group leaders.

If your child doesn’t have another adult they can speak to, chances are when pushed against a wall, they will run to their peers. Peer advice can be destructive. Several dear friends of mined made life altering decisions such as getting an abortion without their mothers ever knowing.

Ask your child today who they feel they can turn to when they just don’t feel comfortable turning to you. Make sure they know that you encourage this relationship and are grateful God gave it to them! Also, ask yourself today, “Am I a safe place for a child?” Maybe this year is the time for you to begin to invest in a life of child who is not your own.



  1. Karen Rodriguez says:

    Lynn, you are sooooooo right! My 16 year old daughter and I have always been very close. She started having some pretty major struggles last year and although she continued to share some things with me, she also began confiding in some other adults, as well. I have to admit that at first, I was a little jealous.
    But it didn’t take me too long to realize how that’s just a part of her growing up and pulling away, and completely natural. And that I’m not always going to be the “go to” person. But it IS my job to make sure that she is surrounded by the kind of people that will give her the same Godly advice that I would give her if she did come to me.
    Now I take comfort in the fact that she does have some close relationships with a few teachers at her Christian high school, as well as a Christian mom friend of mine as well as her grandfather. All of which I know will give her the same advice that I would (maybe even better, at times!); and who I trust will come to me in confidence if there is something that I need to know and act upon.

  2. stephanie says:

    My daughter is only 6 so we haven’t got to this point yet BUT I am the person that my friends tweens and teens daughters come and seek advice from. I feel so blessed that my girl friends are completely ok and encourage their daughters to talk to me when they can’t talk themselves. I love to hear this CD Building a Bridge to your Childs heart, I wonder if it is too late to add to my Wish List. 🙂

  3. This was great! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. I hope it’s okay that I wrote a little blurb about this and linked my readers to this post. I think everyone needs to hear these true words of wisdom.

    1. Misty, I am glad you like it! I hope your readers will enjoy and join our encouragement community!

  4. To Glory be the Glory. I saw this post on my facebook and my inntiteon was not to open it up now see I am in the middle of doing housework, I was thinking don’t even open the facebook but once I accedently opened it and saw this post my very first question was yeah I got a question how did she just start writing? I feel like I should be writing. I am unsure of what I should be writing. So here I am looking at this article and the title Lynn on publishing her first book the first question How did you get started, and the following questions. Well, no mistakes in God’s Kingdom. I am inspired and blessed. Congratulations on the publication I hope for you there are many more to come. Blessings

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