Wednesday Wisdom Tip: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture {Give Away Day}




There are days as a parent when we watch our kids swimming in the dark waters of today’s culture and it appears as though they are drowning.

Especially as it pertains to their faith.

In her book, Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning CultureCandy Gibbs draws her readers to a Bible story which renews our faith that God can handle our kids’ faith. 

She encourages us to review the story of Jacob in Genesis 32. In verse 9, Jacob is praying to the Lord. “He is preparing to see his brother Esau for the first time since Jacob stole Esau’s blessing. Jacob is afraid, to say the least. He sends bribes ahead hoping got pacify Esau, but he is keenly aware that Esau is coming to meet him and he is bringing over 400 men along. In Jacob’s prayer, he refers to the Lord as O God of my Father Abraham, God of my father Isaac, O Lord…Do you notice that Jacob views God as the God of his fathers, but he doesn’t make reference to Him being his God?”

Candy goes on to point out it isn’t until after Jacob wrestles with God in Genesis 32 and ends up with a limp for the rest of his life that he truly encounters God for himself. Jacob, who had Abraham for a grandfather and Isaac, who laid himself on an altar to be sacrificed, as a father still struggled with his faith. He had to have his own wrestling match with the Lord. “Then..he called the Lord his God and knew that he had seen God face to face for himself.”

“The same is true for our children. They must put their own hand to the question, asking themselves what to do with this man they call Jesus. They will own up to their own past and shortcomings and there will certainly be painful moments, life-changing moments. But when all is said and done, they will have seen Him face to face, and He will have changed their gate, and their walk with Him will never be the same. We can trust them to the process; our God hasn’t lost a wrestling match yet.”

I found these words written by Candy so reassuring. Sometimes we just have to be reminded: God cares more about our kids’ relationship with Him than we do. As we pray, we must trust He is at work.


Today, I’m giving away a copy of Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture  by Candy Gibbs. To enter to win, just share the name of a teen you love in the comments below. Then, if you have time, say a pray for the teen named in the comment above your’s. Think of all the prayers that will go up today!

I will announce the winner on my Friday post.



  1. My dear Troy, we pray for you that you would know God in a mighty way. We understand that it must be hard living with two completely different families…both love you. May God protect you honey.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord – we lift up Troy to You. You know his needs and his struggles. May he come to know you not in spite of them, but because of them. Amen

  2. Michelle Christenson says:

    Anna Maria Caserto

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Lord, thank you for Anna Maria. Thank you that she is your daughter and that you love her even more than her mom. Open her eyes to see you today, all around her, and know You love her SO much! Amen

  3. WOW, this completely meets me where I am today, Lynn!! I have a 13 year old son, Hunter, that is struggling right now, and I JUST last night pulled out Lysa Terkeurst’s 10 Powerful Prayers to Help You fight for the Heart of Your Son!! I needed to read this post, as it is so reassuring to think about how my son will have to find his own way, and believing that God is working along side me to get him there!! Thank you for speaking this truth to me today!! Thank you for giving me the chance to win Candy’s book, as it is most likely just what I need as I walk this shaky ground with my boy! Thank you for asking for prayers for my Hunter, we can all use some extra prayers these days! 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Hi Bobbie,

      I am so glad it is what you needed today! I often have to remind myself that what I am seeing is not the end of the story!

      Jesus, thank you for Hunter and thank you for giving Hunter Bobbie as his mom. Help her, Jesus, as she exercises her faith each day, believing and trusting you to draw Hunter’s heart to Yourself. We trust you, Jesus! Amen

      1. Wow, Lynn, thank you so very much. Such love for this mamma’s heart today! <3 Praising
        Him for you!!

  4. Dawn Marie says:

    I have twin daughters, Sierra & Rhiannon, and preteen twin sons, Joshua & Elijah. My girls are REALLY struggling with “their” faith right now and it is exhibited in their behaviors and attitudes, which can make our family life unpleasant at times. My boys are watching all of this very closely. Thank you so much for this post and for the opportunity of this book give-away. I am sure that whomever is selected to win will be blessed immeasurably. God knows the WHOLE story while I only see what we are currently going through…it’s something I have to remind myself of daily.

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Thanks for sharing, Dawn Marie!

      Jesus, Your pull is supernatural. Pull our children. Merciful God, wrestle them and draw them, especially Sierra and Rhiannon. Open their eyes to see You as the source of real life and love. Amen

  5. Praying every day that my children, Clint and Breanna, will cross paths iwith good Godly examples everyday.

  6. Ayrella, a teen who accepted Christ this evening – 🙂 but does not live in a Christian home.

  7. Stacey A. says:

    Praying for my daughter Allaina and also for Ayrella, mentioned above who is a new Christian. I pray that you will bring people to Ayrella to mentor her in her faith and that you will bring her whole family to know you one day.

  8. Paige Laine says:

    My own Piper., in the midst of some hard life lessons about stress’s and time management and priorities…and praying for the list above! What a privilege to be trusted to pay for another mama’s children. Lynn, this is the best comment idea ever!

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Isn’t Jesus the best? Praying for each other’s kids…what encouragement!

  9. Evelyn

    Father, I pray for our kids. Lord this world has so any temptations for them, so many expectations that can quickly confuse them as to who you are in their lives. Lord, I pray for wisdom for us parents, to help us to guide them in the path that you have laid out before them, help us to be steadfast in our own walk with you, so that even through trails our teens will see that we rely on you Jesus. I pray for the eyes of our kids to be open to your truths, for their hearts to be softened to your love and grace and mercy. I pray this for Allaina, Ayrella, Evelyn and all these children that will be mentioned and have been mentioned here…you know each one of them and love each one of them in a way that surpasses our understanding of love, thank you Jesus, Amen.

  10. My daughter Keely. God, I pray Keely will begin to own her faith, to hunger and thirst for your word, to seek hard after You and not live on borrowed faith from us, her parents. I pray those same things for Allain above. May Keely and Allaina grow to love Jesus more than anyone or anything else and stand firm in their faith in a hostile culture.

  11. Joshua & Nathaniel… one needs salvation & the other needs a closer walk with God. I really need to stay on my knees for them & learn to completely trust God with his children he has given me.

  12. My daughter Luci. She is just becoming a teen and could be such a good influence on those around her.

  13. Oh, lord, I pray for my son Caleb that he will pursue you and discover who You truly are. I don’t want any of my kids to live by my faith. I long for them to develop a faith of their own. Please help Caleb to grow and seek You and please help him to make wise choices that honor You. Lord, I pray the same for Keely above. May she grow in her faith and develop her own relationship with You in a way that brings You glory. May she hunger and thirst for You alone. Amen

  14. I am praying for my Granddaughter Harlee. She is my oldest grandchild. Her home life is in turmoil, she has the head knowledge of Jesus but she needs him in her heart. Because she is the oldest of 5 she often has to take on responsibilities that no 16 year old should have to.

  15. Krysta. She is just hitting the teenage years.

  16. My baby girl Danielle

  17. My teen, Conner, is a gentle giant who has so much potential. I have to constantly remind myself that God is capable of handling his life. God is capable of drawing him in and deepening that precious one on one relationship. God is capable of protecting his heart and confidence in the rocky seasons of life.

  18. Claire, my sweet 16 year old.
    Dear God, please watch over baby Danielle. Guide her and love her as only you can. All her life.

  19. Gabrielle. May she surround herself with Godly friends and not be embarrassed to talk about God.

  20. Meredith, Karah, Angel, Journey, Rosie, Karen, Mary, Cheyene & Jasmyne. I know you said “one” but I just couldn’t help myself 😉 I teach a middle/high school girls sunday school class and I want them all to know the love and grace of God. I am just so apprehensive about teaching this age while I have two daughters of my own that will be teenagers in a few short years.
    Dear Lord, I pray for Gabrielle. Surround her with your love and help her to know You in a way so deep that her life is forever changed. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    1. Natalie,

      Thank you for writing your prayer for my daughter Gabrielle. I showed her and it meant a lot to both of us.


  21. Callie. I pray for her and her friends daily.
    Dear Lord, I pray for Meredith, Karah, Angel, Journey, Rosie, Karen, Mary, Cheyene & Jasmyne. Hold them in your arms and give them the comfort and strength they need that only you can provide. I pray that they all know and love you. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    1. Callie – May she hear the voice of God over all others. I pray that her and her friends would seek you.

  22. My son Landon 20, daughters Kylee 18 and Regan15. This is just what we desperately needed…a reminder of Gods unending passionate love for His (our) children

  23. Carrissa and Casondra – that they would be drawn to our Father in a way to strengthen them and have a life-changing relationship that sinks deep into their hearts and revolutionizes their walk with Him.

  24. Thanks for sharing. God’s Word is so reassuring. My oldest grandchild will be 13 on Monday. I have been composing a special letter to her as she officially begins the teen years. I have shared words from 1 Samuel and will include Jacob’s story. I want her to love God’s Word and to know its truth and answers for all we have to face. Most of all I want her to know her Creator, her Savior, and to be filled with the Indwelling Spirit to guide her through the years ahead. Dear LORD, I lift up our (all of us) children and grandchildren. Your great love is shown throughout Your Word. Help us to hide Your Word in our hearts to keep us from sin, to bring honor to Your name, and to strengthen us for battle. Your promises bring us grace, hope and peace. Amen

  25. This was great encouragement. i have 2 in college and see the pull of so many things on their time and attention. I pray daily that Christ will hold their hand tightly and keep them anchored as they tend to drift during this chapter of their life. Rachel and Aaron

    Lord I pray for the girls in Natalie’s Sunday school class. I pray that they will begin to grasp your great love for them and seek you with all their heart. May they help each other be strong. May they grow to be mighty women of God that shine bright for you. Give Natalie wisdom as she teaches and loves on these girls. Amen
    What beautiful names they have!

  26. Meg, my 9th grader and youngest who wrote a post for me…A Kid’s Point of View. She muses about how parents “do it”. Also Amy, our 10th grader. By God’s grace they are managing so far. Praying for them and with them is so important! Linda

  27. WOW…God’s timing overwhelms me. Been pouring out my heart to the Lord for my 17year old daughter Katie. At the place where He may need to break her to rebuild her. And just as David asked to allow his discipline after taking the census to come from the Lord, my desire is that anything needed in my daughter’s spiritual life right now would not come from man or the enemy, but from the perfect. loving hand of God.

    1. God please be with Katie during this difficult time in her life. Only you know the plans you have for her and the plans are for her to prosper. Let her know that you are beside her at all times and also be with her family as they go through this tough time with her. Bless her and her family.

  28. Been praying for my daughter continuously since 8th grade (she is now a freshman). Pray that our daughter
    Anna’s heart would soften towards God and her family overall. She is a very defensive teen and needs to know that not every comment made is an argument or being used against her. May she find good Christian friends to hang with through the tough teen years.

    1. Lord,

      Be with Anna. Let your love constantly pour into her so that she knows you are always with her. Send angels to help keep her on the path you have planned for her and to guide her and influence her choices.


  29. Amanda and her step-cousin Eva. May their journey always lead them to God.

  30. I Pray For my son Elijah & Daughter Saraya. God protect them in this world. Lord-help them listen to you & not their flesh or the world. Lord i pray for all young girls & boys. Let their identity be in you. Protect them from this sexual world.
    I need all the resources i can get. I find there are mire for girls & boys. I am seeing their temptation is on going. Just like recovey they need tools. Mom does too:)
    Thank you both for having a heart for the young.
    You are helping us moms..Thank you

    1. Nicole – I can totally relate to this, and thank you for helping me to see that I’m not alone in my struggles with my son, Hunter’s, temptations in this sexual world! The evil that is always lurking around our children is such a scary fact! Only God knows all of what they are dealing with each day, and I praise Him that He is watching out for my boy, and helping him to draw nearer to Him, and resist the ways of the flesh! I’ll be praying for your sweet babies, too, Elijah and Sarayna, that God will draw them closer, as well. Keep up the good work, Mamma! If you have some good resources, I’d love to know about them! Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share your heart here.

  31. Jack || Katie || Rylee

    1. nancys1128 says:

      Lord I lift Jack, Katie and Rylee up to You. Wrap them in Your love, and fill their hearts with kindness and compassion. Make their paths clear before them, leading them in righteousness and purity. Fill them with Your strength in challenging situations and circumstances. Keep their feet firmly planted in You, Lord. Amen.

  32. nancys1128 says:

    Marisa, my 13 year old. Pray her sweet compassion continues and her love of God strengthens.

  33. Dena Sharpe says:

    Jonathan and Rebekah.

  34. Thank-you Lord for blessing me with 3 beautiful children. My youngest Erik is 22 years old but inside his heart I know he is still 16.His entire life as he knew it fell apart when he was 16.I lost my job, got cancer,got divorced after 28 years, Lost our home and during all this turmoil Erik stayed a straight a student went on to receive a four year degree !! In all my self pity the Lord opened my heart never have I ever felt such LOVE. My children were not brought up in Gods love, so when my son came home for visits he now directed his pain,anger,insecurities at me( I know now that was also the evil ones plan to put a crack in my heart, to try & break my Love for the Lord ) But I clung even tighter to my savior, Erik to this day calls me a hypocrite ,He now lives in California, has a great job doing what he loves. But in his voice and actions towards me he has so much unresolved pain, I pray for his salvation as I do for all my friends, family 7 all Gods children.,With Erik I need more than salvation prays ,I know you cant go back in time to heal, maybe with all my sisters in Christ praying for Erik’s deep pain & anger to dissipate and let the Love&peace of our Lord with the Holy spirit fill his heart, mind and soul .I would devour that Rescue besides helping me with my 22 year old teenager Erik, I know that deep inside all of us is a confused, hurt insecure teenager that needs our love ,patience and understanding and we need the Gods manual to teach us along with all the gifted writers who can explain & coach us. God Bless

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Jesus, You understand the complexities of Erik’s heart and You know exactly what it will take to bring Him to finding salvation and healing in You. Bring into his life someone who loves him immensely and is full of Your joy and may he discover YOU are the source of both. Amen

  35. nancys1128 says:

    Just want to say that the timing of this post is no accident. Our oldest son has a court date this morning regarding child support. This post, with the last two songs I heard on my drive to work this morning, could only have been orchestrated by God. There are people praying for him, and when (not if, when) things get worked out favorably and justly, I will give all the praise to God. And even if they don’t go as nicely as being prayed for, I’ll thank God for whatever happens, knowing that the whole thing is ultimately in His hands.

  36. Stephanie says:

    My young adult daughter, Abigail . . . . . my heart aches for her in ways I never dreamed I would have to!

  37. Tammenthia says:

    As the text indicates, all of these children mentioned are greatly loved by the awesome Father who created them, and they are loved more by Him then they are by us, their moms. That’s comforting yes, it’s also difficult to fathom at times, knowing how hard I have fought and currently fight for my son Nik. He is not a chronological teenager, yet due to disabilities and cognitive delays he is. Although 26, it’s been about 14 years of a teenage battle. The attacks of satan are tearing him up, yet I know and trust that in all His knowledge and planning, God has an amazing journey for this young man and a great plan for Nik and for that I am grateful. Prayer for the freedom from these attacks would be appreciate, the strongholds can only be broken by Jesus.
    God never leaves us, and I pray for all of these children, these unique hearts God has created and loved forever, that each would know and understand that truth today.

  38. Adam and Erica need prayers for finding peace, courage and strength in the midst of the storms of my rocky marriage.

  39. My son, Josh as he struggles – that God would rekindle his faith.

  40. I am truly frightened for the culture my girls, Jillian and Charity, are growing up in. I bathe them in prayer before they leave the house every morning. I would love to share this book with them.

  41. My nephew, Brennan. His parents are going through a divorce. One parent is a believer, one is not.

    Lord, I lift up Denise’s son, Josh to you this morning… That he would experience You in his day, his life, his heart… That he would be certain of who You are, and that he is Your child.

  42. melissa b says:

    My oldest, Joseph is 13…my daugter 12….pray for them daily…time is so fleeting!

  43. Sean, my oldest, as he exits the teen years and finishes college.

  44. My son 11, my daughter 13, and my two adopted boys….

    1. Lord, I bring Kyle and Renee before You. I ask that You grant them Your wisdom and protection. Guard their hearts. May they grow in Your wisdom and lead them along straight paths.

  45. I lift Amanda & Eva.
    I pray the hedge of protection over these beautiful girls!
    God let them feel how you adore & love them!!
    You have created them for your Glory

  46. Zack, Dylan, pre-teens Ryan and Beth

  47. Tish McNeill says:

    My daughter Kristian McNeill, she is 17 years old and I am truly Blessed to be called her mom. It breaks my heart to see the struggles that she goes thru as a teenager in this day and time. I pray that she just let’s God continue to lead her in her life and she doesn’t take her eyes off of Him. I pray that she stays strong in her faith in God! I also pray this prayer for all the teenagers that have been commented about in this post, and I pray for their safety! I pray this prayer in Jesus Christ’s name! Amen

    1. Leslie White says:

      Praying for Kristian now and all the others on this post. Strength, strong faith, and boldness. Eyes lifted to Him.

  48. Leslie White says:

    I have a 13 year old son, Casey, who struggles with how to fit God into his life and the situations he encounters. He is surrounded with kids from all sorts of homes, believers and unbelievers, peer pressures, girls, what the “world” says he should be like, versus what the word of God says he should be like. We do a devotional at night before he heads to bed, we talk about being the “light” for God, and being a leader but this time in life is tough and I do worry about him, wondering if I am doing enough. I pray that he finds his strength, that he can step out in the faith that he has and be bold and the confidence he needs to love those around him, do the right thing even if it isn’t popular. In Jesus name I lift my son up, amen.

  49. Lynn Cowell says:

    I want to include my own!

    Please pray for my son, Zach, age 23, a student at Appalachian State University.
    Mariah, 20, a student at University of North Carolina – Charlotte
    and Madi a senior in high school.

    Thank you friends!

  50. Lifting up all of these precious children, as well as my own – Parker, Austin, Rachel, and Ashlyn.

  51. Kaylee, Danielle, Alyssa

  52. I send a prayer up for my daughter Hannah. Lord I lift my daughter up to you she has so many struggles now and ahead of her. I no it’s hard to stay positive and have a good attitude in the world today but you are the positives of all positives and everything and anything is possible through you.

  53. Aimee and Marcus, the teens the Lord has blessed me with.

  54. My nephew Trey, a senior in high school, as he is looking toward collage next year and keeping is faith strong in today’s world as a teenager.

    1. Praying for Aimee and Marcus now.

  55. Heavenly Father, I thank You for my children You have so graciously given to me. Help me to be the mother that Jacob, Lexie, and Hunter need. I pray their hearts would be soft towards You and they would come to know You as their Lord and Savior. I pray for Aimee and Marcus as well…that you would be a Presence in their lives, make Yourself real to them. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  56. Claire, a senior in high school

  57. Holli Carrer says:

    My Michaela. <3

  58. My own teen daughters, Lauryn and Rachel. May they continue to have a heart for God!

  59. Danae, who is walking away from her relationship with God.

  60. Rachel… Let the love our family has for Christ and recieves from him be truely experienced and made alive to her as she navigates this path into adulthood.

  61. Peggy Clement says:

    Andria and Alaina my Twins
    Father I thank you for Jenning and ask that you guide him through his life and help him to stay close to and and not give in to peer presssure and the ways of this world in Jesus name amen.

  62. Shelby, my 13 year old daughter.
    Wow, I’m overwhelmed by the pure awesomeness of all these moms praying for other mom’s kids. Great idea Lynn!

    Heavenly Father, I thank you for all of these mamas with hearts for You, for their own children and even for children they don’t know. I praise the work that You are doing in these lives. I specifically pray a special prayer for Andria and Alaina. Father I pray that You would be ever present in their lives, that You would place people around them who will encourage and help them grow. I pray that their hearts would seek You. In Jesus name..amen!

  63. My daughters Holly, Sara, Danielle & Noel and sons Nathaniel & baby-no-name-yet

  64. My three girls…Morgan, Micah and Makenna

  65. Lord Jesus I praise You for your perfect and eternal love and for Your ultimate sacrifice on the cross bearing witness to that love. I lift up Shelby and all Your (our) daughters and sons in prayer. Help them to know the depth of Your love Father and to realize that in this world You alone are the sole-source provider of a love which NEVER disappoints and NEVER gives up. Having filled them with this knowledge Lord, grow in their hearts a love for You and Your word. May their love for You be the basis of every relationship they seek so they will treat others and be treated with all the respect, honor and care that each child of God (and ours) deserves. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    For Marielle, Sierra, and Lexy, my loving daughters and niece, for courage and conviction in their faith as they begin a new chapter in their teen lives

  66. Susan Gruener says:

    Thank you for showing us this book – it sounds life giving! My wonderful teen (granddaughter) Clara who is 16 (and lives with us with our daughter, her mom, and brother).
    I pray for our teens in this dark generation that they will be the ‘light’.
    Praying for Holly, Sara Danielle and Noel and Nathaniel above!
    Bless them and protect them I pray – in Jesus Name! May they begin to see who God is making them to be!

  67. Vanessa McGraw says:

    My 19 year old son, Chase, who has walked away from God and is questioning his identity. My 15 year old daughter, Julia, who is questioning. This is such an awesome idea – bless you! Lifting up Clara in my prayers and plead the blood of Jesus over her life!

  68. Zachorie, Brysion, Elijah, and Tinley

  69. I have been praying about this for a few weeks for my 13 year old daughter, Annemarie. Even as she left the house this morning, she told me I just didn’t understand. I try to tell her that God understands but I don’t think she has fully grasped this at a heart level. I see such an internal struggle of wanting to be the girl God is calling her to be and trying to be someone else to fit in with friends. I know that God’s power is great and he listens to my prayers. This devotional is fabulous as I am trying to find encouraging places in the Bible. Thank You!

  70. My friend has a son named Tommie who is really struggling with several issues including family and drugs.

  71. Julie Berry says:

    I have three teen girls 16, 16 & 18 and I pray for so many challenges they face in high school and college every day.

  72. Jana Lynn, the daughter of a dear friend

  73. Hello, I am a mother of three beautiful girls one 10 and twins that are 6. I feel I’m doing ok with them, but lately my oldest is starting to talk back and all three tend to yell at each other and now at me. I know they are learning that from me. I have trouble with my patience and I need help, guidance. I grew up in a loud home, but with love at the same time. I need to find my way to do things differently. I try I think, I read but nothing I do holds true to me to change or grow. Sometimes I feel confused and not sure what to do. I love my girls very much. I work full time and so does my husband. I drop the kids off, I go to work, I pick the kids up, I bring them to their activies, I help them with school work and studies. I want something that works for me, just not sure what that is. 🙁

  74. Dear Father,
    Please lift up and bless Jana Lynn.

    Please pray that Sarah has confidence in who she is in Christ
    and that she has godly friends.

    1. Crystal Hornback says:

      Lord, I pray that you would consume Josh, Nate and Esther with your perfect love. Give them sweet kisses of reassurance in whose they are today. Remind them of the truth that they were knitted by you, the way they are, for a specific purpose. Surround them with friends who will encourage them. Give them courage, confidence and strength to be a light in their witness fields. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

  75. Grand Ma Maechel says:

    Please protect all 14 of my grands against the lies of the devil. To search for the best in the plan God has for your lives. Ask for God’s know ledge & wisdom for your life & always be thankful for all that you have .

  76. Grand Ma Maechel says:

    Blessings and fulfillment for the path God has for your lives. Have an attitude of gratitude and the peace
    Of God all your days. For all my grandchildren.

  77. Praying for my sister and brother, Inemesit and Anietie that they encounter God personally.

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