Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Sex is Like Chocolate Syrup

Have you ever heard of “Old English”? It’s this bottle of nearly black stuff that I use to cover up the flaws in my furniture. Drop a knife, kick a table…when a scratch is created, I grab the “Old English”, dap some on my rag and wala…the scratch is gone. Basically, it is a bottle of poison that fixes stuff. It’s really cool stuff, but it’s never meant to be ingested.


Now, what if I take the “Old English” label off, put on a label that says “chocolate syrup” on the bottle and put it in the frig. Now it suddenly becomes something else, right?


No! It is still poison!


Sex was created by God to give a crazy amount of pleasure one day with the one man, who through marriage, has committed to spending the rest of your life with us. That is how God defines it and He does so that one day we can experience it in the best way possible!


We need to explain to our kids it doesn’t matter how their friends try to define it. Some might say: “It’s not sex! We aren’t going all the way!” Wrong! That’s why it has the word “sex” in it! That’s why some of your body parts are called “sexual organs” because it is sex! You don’t have to “go all the way” to be sexual.


Our bodies was created for one man one day. When two people fully enjoy each other on their wedding day, it is truly amazing! (I know; I waited and it was worth it)!


Explain to your child, if they choose not to wait, they can change the label from “poison” to “chocolate syrup” and put it in the frig but it will still eventually destroy you. They can change the label from fornication to “sleeping with my boyfriend” or “friends with benefits”, but that doesn’t change the effects of the poison.


One young woman I knew put it this way: “Imagine there’s someone wandering around out there who, for the rest of your life, knows things about you, about your body and about your heart, that no one should know except your husband. And this person doesn’t love you – in fact, he may not even like you. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?”

Sex was not created to be had outside of the covenant of one man and one woman in marriage…period. Encourage your child to make up her mind that is true for her too!


(Adapted from a sermon by Christine Caine at Code Orange Revival, Elevation Church) 



  1. As soon as I read this, I printed it off. When my teens (12, 14 and 17) get home from school today, I plan on reading this to them. I couldn’t have expressed myself any better…thanks for arming me with this valuable way to explain sex.

  2. Sonia Velez says:

    Hi Lynn, I enjoy your devotionals and your blogs so much! I thought the same as Stephanie.. I am printing this and reading it to my girls.. because I did not wait to have sex in marriage, I feel like a hypocrite but at least there is someone out there who did and I can show them this as proof. I am raising them christian and they have made a purity promise but that is not enough. I try to remind them that this is very important.

    1. That’s why we are becoming wise woman together; helping each other to raise wiser girls! Thanks Sonia!

  3. Thank you so much for this email. My husband and I are the youth ministers at our church…this will help me so much!!! Making plans now how to minister this to them! Thanks again!!!

    1. You are so welcome, Tasha! I adapted it from a powerful sermon I heard Christine Caine preach last Saturday night. I will be using it as a prop this weekend at my “Revolutionary Love” conference. I would love to have your youth group attend one or host one! Just contact me 🙂

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