Wednesday Wisdom Tip: Thankful for Rejection

If you have teen girls in your life, you’ve probably seen this scenario played out:

Girl likes boy.

Girl chases boy.

Boy doesn’t want to be chased by said girl.

Boy ignores girl.

Girl runs harder.


I was that girl! For seven years I let my crush crush me.

It’s a very good thing he didn’t like me then. His rejection was God’s protection in my life.

Chances are your girl probably won’t see the rejection she experiences as God’s protection.

But what if she did?

What if, before our girl got the boy brush-off, we taught her God’s care isn’t always packaged the way we like?

I know it’s a really revolutionary thought, but what if we could teach our girls to thankful for rejection! If they can see it for what it is and keep their hearts soft toward God, they can know it is easier to have no choice than make the wrong choice.


I know – this is a completely radical thought – thankful when the guy they like doesn’t like them back.


That is what a revolutionary girl does. She recognizes Jesus’ crazy love protecting her and she is grateful.


There is a big difference between the girl who has been revolutionized by God’s perfect love and the girl who is still looking for love. The revolutionized girl recognizes man’s rejection equals God’s protection. Man’s rejection, that guy not liking her, is God protecting her and protecting a heart is a whole lot easier than repairing a heart.

 I didn’t say she’ll like it, but if she will at least recognize that Jesus’ perfect love is protecting her from heartache and possibly lifelong regret, she can protect her heart from bitterness and from believing the lie he doesn’t like her because something is wrong with her. There is nothing wrong with her! Her king, the one who is crazy about her, is protecting her because he loves her!



  1. I love this. I wish I would have realized this when I was younger (and even a few years ago!). This is something I have wanted to express to my 12 year old daughter. The way you worded it makes perfect sense and I will definitely share it with her. 🙂

    1. Lynn Cowell says:

      Tammy, I am so glad it is something you can easily pass on!

  2. This is actually something I needed to hear at this very moment… As a young adult myself (who is new in her relationship with God) it is difficult not to question yourself and not try to undestand what went wrong. Its comforting to know that it is Him protecting me and my heart. Thank you for sharing this!

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