Wednesday Wisdom Tip: The Friendship Factor



Yesterday, my dear friend and fellow Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker Suzie Eller wrote a beautiful devotion yesterday called When You Feel Stalled about a day she and I went hiking together in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

She begins her devotion:

“I hung on to a vine to climb over one more rock. My heart was beating hard, and I struggled to catch my breath.

My friend turned in concern. “Are you okay?”

Well, yes and no.”  (You’ll have to read the devotion to see the rest!)


The day I left my family to go and spend a couple of days in the mountains with my sweet friend, my daughter asked me, “Why are you guys going up there?”

“To spend time together.”

No other reason. The sole purpose for our trip was to enjoy the gift God has given us…our friendship.

Our extremely busy culture doesn’t seem to embrace friendships as much as the days of the Sunday afternoon visits and front porch tea. But we need friends, real past-the-front door friends more than ever!

As women, our girls will take their clue about the value of friendships and the place they hold in our lives from us.

What friend have you been missing? Give her a call. Make a date. Take some time.


Friendships…they’re good for you; they’re good for your family!


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