Wednesday Wisdom Tip – Twitter, Text or Talk?

Twitter, Text or Talk?

“I just sub-tweeted you! Didn’t you even read it?” After receiving this text, Jamie logs into Twitter to see what she’s talking about. “You are just never there for me! #sooverit”

Really? “Being there for me” has been relegated to being on Twitter? To some students, if you are not available 24/7 through the social media of their choice, you’re just “not there for me”.

I get it; really I do! I’m all about communicating with the Mosaic generation in the way they want to be communicated with. I tweet and text all day long, but as the adults in their lives, we might really be missing something huge.

Teaching our students to talk. Talking…where you can hear someone’s tone; hear their voice inflection. Better yet, being actually face-to-face so you can see their expression. Read their eyes to see what the words are really saying.

We need to encourage our students in the practicing of real conversations. Teach them that some information such as disagreements and break-ups were not meant to be imparted in short sentences. There is too much room for error and the beauty of words is simply lost.

Better yet; let’s walk them through scenarios. Take them through Jesus’ example of Matthew 18 on going to your brother when you have a problem…instead of updating your status. Teach them to speak the truth; emphasizing the “in love” part.

The way our students communicate with their peers is their habit and these habits will continue through marriage and on to their own children one day. We can’t let love through language be lost. We have to teach them how to talk and communicate effectively.


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