Wednesday Wisdom Tip – We Make a Difference

Sometimes we think that this world is spinning out of control so fast our little bit just can’t make a difference. Today’s Yahoo News article proves that is not true!

Yahoo created a  list of the top ten worst product flops of 2011. The number one was Abercrombie and Fitch’s Ashley Push-Up Triangle

“While no stranger to controversy, Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) seemed to have crossed a line this time. In March, 2011, the retailer unveiled its spring line for Abercrombie Kids, a division targeting children ages 8 to 14. Included in the line was the “Ashley” Push-Up Triangle, a bikini top with padding. The launch prompted a violent response from parent groups. Several child development experts also criticized the top because it sexualized young girls. At first, Abercrombie tried to address the concerns by reclassifying the top as padded and saying it was not intended for very young girls. It stated on Facebook: “We’ve re-categorized the Ashley swimsuit as padded. We agree with those who say it is best ‘suited’ for girls age 12 and older.” But while the bottoms are still available, the bikini top is no longer featured on the company’s website.”

Keep giving your opinion, wise women, when this world is just taking things that effect our girls too far! We make a difference!



  1. I so agree Lynn! Thanks for this update – now if they will just get those nearly pornographic images of young kids off of their walls and shopping bags, that will be progress. 🙂

    1. I know! My girl came home from the mall with a bag from another store and I thought the same thing! I was embarressed when she carried it to the car!

  2. Beth Anderson says:

    Pretty crazy stuff!!!!

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