What Have I Got?

“The Father initiates; we respond.”; author Robert Whitlow’s main message point yesterday. My question: how do I respond?

He answered by poking me again this morning using John 6:9 “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” Andrew, I get why you asked. Sometimes I ask the same question, “What have I got to give when there is so much to do?”

When given to Jesus, our small, no matter how small, is multiplied. It didn’t matter to Jesus the odds were a million to one that this small lunch would have any impact on the crowd. In His hand, the impact was huge.

First thing Jesus did was create order; He had the people sit down. I love that even though He is about to perform a crazy big miracle, He was still the God of order.

Next, He gave thanks. First things first…He gave thanks to the Father for what He did have; no matter the size.

Then…God did His part. GOD DID HIS PART! I just want to jump up and down and say “YEAH….THAT is the God I serve! I do my part and He does His which is nothing short of miraculous!

What is the thing in your life that seems so big your part seems like it is next to nothing? Is it the lives of those you love; those who are spinning out of control and you just want to make it stop? What would be your part? Prayer. Fasting. Humility to ask others to pray. Being open to speak if and when the Holy Spirit says “Go!”

I have several things in my life that are bigger than my small. My passion is to see teen girls find their hearts filled with the revolutionizing passion Jesus has for them. So many; so hurting. Father, will you take my small, my speaking, my writing, my book this spring and make a miraculous impact for you?

A new passion burning in my heart is for those children caught in sex trafficking. Lord, it is so big; I am so small. Take my small efforts and multiply them to rescue and heal.

My small + His big = Miraculous

Do you feel small? That is good! It makes way for His big! What is the miracle you need today? Just click on comments below; I’d love to pray for you!



  1. The miracle I would love to see is the healing of my 23 year old nephew who was injured (brain trauma) in an auto accident over 2 years ago. I have started praying more boldly for this, I believe in a God that performs BIG miracles even today. There is so much more attached to this prayer, more than I can share – his mom(my sister)is in a downward spiral as well as his 21 year old brother. God knows the details, if you could just pray for Matthew and our family. And if I have a part beyond praying, pray that I hear God clearly and He equips me to act.

  2. Dear Father,
    Thank you for Alichia's faith. Thank you that you are stretching her to believe. Give her wisdom to see how you can use her to bring glory to your name in this situation. Let the healing in all areas begin, Father!

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I am a mother of six, 4 girls and 2 boys. Just the responsibility of raising them in the Lord is overwhelming at times. Our oldest is nearing 13 and I am very thankful for your insight and resources for teens. Please pray that my husband and I will lead our kids through the teenage years in grace and Truth.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just got a call this morning from my daughter and she asked me to pray for her. Her husband isn't sure he wants to be married any more. They have 3 small children and I know God can reconcile this marriage. She wants to seek Christian counseling and he hasn't agreed to it. Please help me pray that God would intervene in their hearts and lives.
    Thank you,

  5. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for Kara's family and thank you for her desire to have children who honor you. Please give her and her husband wisdom for decisions in the future. Draw her children to Your heart. May her husband lead and model You for his family. Amen

  6. Cody threw his legs over the edge of the bed,stood to his feet,and walked to his wheel chair. Miraculous? Will he walk out the door of the care facility where he lives? It shouldn't be a hard job for most 24 yr olds.

    Not long ago,he couldn't walk, speak, eat, acknowlege,and stay upright in his chair.

    All things are possible. God told us that for the simple reason that they ARE POSSIBLE.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Our family would appreciate prayers to help our children through the teenage years and to see if we are meant to adopt another child. Also, we will be praying for children in sex trafficking as that is a soft spot in our hearts, too.

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