What’s It Gonna Take?

He had survived a brain tumor. He survived the plane crash in New York last week. He admitted he had been given one more chance that what he deserved. But the Charlotte Observer reported in Sunday’s paper that he was unwilling to say it was divine.

What’s it gonna take for some to see the Lord intervening in their lives? As I was reading in Exodus 9 & 10, for some, it takes a whole lot! Plague after plague came upon Pharoah and Egypt, and still they would not bow the knee.

While our economy continues to be in a downward cycle, keep your eyes peeled. Look out for those who are ready; who need to know His mercy and grace like never before and let’s be the one to be His hands and feet.

If you and your family have found a neat way to share His heart with others during these tough times, please share your ideas with us. With the Lord’s heart and strength, we can use this time to reach those who maybe in the past had hearts that were cold toward Him.


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  1. You know, Lynn, I am saddened by that man’s comments. I had not read that article.

    You asked the best way to share God’s hope, and I believe it is simply living out the reality of the Living God in our own lives…how we live, words we speak, comfort we give, little things we do, the joy we have. It is in those little things that God will move and work. Very rarely does God give me opportunities to share my whole story, rather, He gives me small opportunities each day to show His love and power.



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