When 3 Mamas Pray

They didn’t know what to do…they just felt they were to do something.

So, they started to meet. Every Tuesday morning at the church for prayer. And they began to ask God: What should we do for our girls?

After several months, they didn’t have a sense of any specific direction so they decided what God was calling them to do was pray for their daughters. So they would continue.

Until an email crossed one of their paths. A blog post speaking of an event empowering girls with confidence to make wise choices. And Jackie felt a nudge. This was the “something” He was talking about.



And that is how me and my girl Madi ended up in Orange City, Iowa this weekend investing in over 150 moms and daughters.



Before the event even started, Madi and I had such an anticipation of all God was going to do! We had to take a selfie because we were so happy! (OK – and maybe the late afternoon coffee had something to do with it!)



Moms and daughters from over 4 states, one group traveling over 9 hours, came to experience God empowering His girls with His confidence! One of my sessions, Beyond Snapchat Friends, made a selfie of our group in order!




It was a terrific time for all of us moms to reaffirmed with our girls that Jesus is the One we are looking for and can fulfill the desires of our hearts!





My one of my favorite parts of a conference is Q & A and when one of my girls is with me, it’s even that much better. This trip it was my youngest daughter, Madi. I think there is just something so encouraging for a Jesus girl to hear from another Jesus girl who is purposing to live a life to her fullest potential and honor God with it!





Jesus was faithful, as He always is! And this was just the beginning! Almost all of the moms and daughters took home “His Revolutionary Love” and “Magnetic” so that the seeds God planted can grow and flourish!

Would you like to bring a conference to your church or community? If so, I still have a couple of weekends available the beginning of 2015. Just email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you some information! You can begin by reading more on my “speaking” at www.LynnCowell.com.


The winner of “In This House We Will Giggle” from last week’s post is Amy who posted on 11/5/14 at 7:43 a.m. Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get it right out!


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