When Doubt Creeps In {Wednesday Wisdom Tip}

I struggle with doubt sometimes. You too? But it's scary when our kids do. What can we do?


This is a safe place to admit that I struggle with doubt sometimes, right?

You might not want to it admit it as well, but I’m guessing you do too.

At least sometimes.

It’s one thing when we have a question or two and we choose to go to God, asking Him to get us through. But when we see doubt or confusion in the lives of our kids … it’s really scary. We know our kids can get derailed when doubt takes root and begins to grow.

Today, let’s talk about what we can do before doubt creeps in …

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If you can’t see the video, just click here. https://youtu.be/TALY07M2qyw

Has your family struggled with doubt? As a believer, how have you handled it?


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  1. This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for being real and transparent… we all struggle with this stuff! I love how you shared your fears with your first child and how you learned to react differently with the second. There are so many of us that have children that are confused and don’t know what to believe. What a great encouragement for us today- thanks for sharing!

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