Where Did the Time Go?

“May our sons flourish in their youth like well-nurtured plants. May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace.” Psalm 144:12 (NLT)

Where did the time go? I remember like it was only yesterday…the dark-haired little princess dancing on top of the coffee table, star-studded sunglasses gracing her face, singing as though she was the next “American Idol.”

Now, she’s a beautiful young lady in the making, grinning at me from the dressing room. Her smile still says, Look at me, Mommy, don’t I look pretty? And she does, in so many ways. Her beauty is more than just physical. I see a tender heart and I long for her to learn who she is and become who the Lord made her to be.

They used to say “Sugar and spice and everything nice are what little girls are made of.” Today’s girl has to made out of much more. They are under so much pressure to be this and do that; spinning as they attempt to please the ever-changing culture. Caught between the daytime world of school and evening world of family, the weight can often bring with it confusion. Their deep and real desire to be accepted is the same as it was for us, only the burden is more intense. They want to know that they are valuable. They want to know that someone sees them and they are significant.

Maybe that is why God created mothers – to be the conduit for the power of God’s truth to the next generation. It is our place to teach our daughters exactly how He sees them. To be the voice that says, “All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Solomon 4:7, NIV). When they are looking in the mirror picking themselves apart, we can pour in God’s Word. Psalm 45:11 “The King is enthralled by your beauty…” (NIV). “Enthralled” means captivated. They are desperate to have someone say, “You make my head spin” and who better to say it than their Creator who is flipped-out over them!

As I think about today’s key verse, “May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace,” I am reminded that pillars are not born. Pillars are formed. Carefully, an artesian chisels away at the stone little by little, creating a masterpiece. You can be the artesian in the life of your daughter. Don’t be afraid. The Master Artesian is your teacher. You can be the one that the Lord has appointed to take the rough piece of stone and carve it into the graceful pillar, fit for a palace.

One way you can “chisel” your daugther is to introduce her to RadRevolution; a site designed to help her become a woman who honors God!

Another step is to pour God’s word into her each day! Click here to find my favorite verses that every girl should know.

Dear Lord, this task seems too big for me. Raising a daughter that glorifies You could not possibly be more contrary to our culture. I do want my daughter to bring You honor. Show me opportunities today where I can lovingly speak Truth into her life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

What are the steps you are taking to help form your child into being a person who glorifies God?



  1. This is so good. As I read your post…I remembered what it felt like to be a teen – yearning for attention (in all the wrong places, sometimes.) You are right…mothers have SUCH an important role in speaking truth and love into their daughters. Daddy's, too!

    My young lady is only 20 months old right now. And I'm already praying that she knows who she is in Christ and that she is content in that 🙂 I have a 13 year old cousin…and I'm gonna send this post to her Mama right now. Thank you!

    Have a great day!

    Katie 🙂

  2. Katie, Your little girl will have so much more than many! Truth poured into her from the very beginning…what a beautiful "pillar" she will be one day!

  3. Lynn, I love every word of this Inspires post! I'm so glad to see other mothers wanting the same things I want for my daughter–that God wants for His daughters.

    My ministry DOZ is where God led me to continue to pour into my daughter, and others as well.

  4. Great post, Lynn. All I can do is look back and pray I raised my girls the way our Lord would have wanted me to! My oldest just turned 34 yesterday and my youngest in 31 with 2 sons of her own. As a single parent life was not easy, but we managed and God never left my side! I am very proud of both of them so hopefully the Father is saying "Good Job"!

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