Worth Crying About

Lights flashing in my rear view mirror, the ambulance was headed my way. Pulling on the shoulder, I watched as the police and firetruck tore past us as well. I just wanted to get home, out of this pitch black dark, but the line from the accident was guaranteeing that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. I began to worry about important things. Was I going to make it to the dry cleaners before they closed? Was my husband going to beat me home and begin digging for something, anything, in the pantry to take away his hunger? That’s when it hit me. My husband. Greg and I had both left Madi’s softball game; he ahead of me. Could that accident be Greg?

I texted. I called his cell. I called his Blackberry. No reply. Whirling in my mind, thoughts of life without Greg spun. It would be the worst of all irony; I had just written our story on my blog that day. Holding back tears, I made a decision not to frighten Madi with my fearful thoughts.
Then he called. My eyes sprung a leak as I realized my precious husband was not the victim in the accident we had yet to see. He was getting his haircut, remember? He had told me. I just didn’t put it all together.
Now some might say that was the devil with all that worry. I don’t see it that way. You see, my daughter said it was the most precious thing she had ever seen. It gave her security to know that is how much her mommy loves her daddy. 
That evening I took the opportunity to love on and kiss my husband; reassuring him that I wouldn’t want to experience life without him. Do you have a husband, a child, a parent that needs to know today, right now, that you feel that way about them as well? All my writing points to one direction: for us to find our completion in Christ, but finding your completion in Christ does not mean independence from those we love. It simply means we find that completion in Him together.
Go on…go hug that child. Kiss that man. Call your mom. They might just need your loving today.


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