WWT – 3 Ways to Teach Your Girl to Prepare for Company

I was soooo tempted to post a picture of my daughters’ bedrooms today, but got that nudge. You know, the one that says, “If you want to have a relationship with your daughters, don’t cross this line.” I know I have to listen to the nudge for all of our good, but really, I did want to show you their rooms.

I wanted to show you their rooms because that is where today begins…the process of getting ready to have 20 people for Thanksgiving tomorrow. This place, this place of messy, makes my heart race. It makes me nervous and it’s here that the day usually begins a slippery slope for me. One marked with tension and curt words. Even as I type, I can feel it creepy up in my heart and I despise it.

All week, I have been saying, “God, I’m not going to let company get to me THIS Thanksgiving. This holiday is not about my house and my food; it is about your goodness and that is what I am going to focus on.”

So, in the middle of my very real struggle, right at this moment, I’m going to map out the three ways I am going to teach my girls today to prepare for company.

1. Set a peaceful atmosphere.

The girls are still asleep, so while I recognize the anxiety trying to kick in, I have begun my day with a walk, reading God’s word and prayer. My music is set to David Nevue; peaceful piano. The candles are next. I may have to ramp it all up and get some energy going, but for now, I must settle my heart and teach my girls to do the same.

2. Set an expectation.

While I don’t need a perfect house, I do think it needs to be clean. I will pull out my cleaning binder and assign each one of us a room with clear expectations of what is do be done in that room. I hope to elevate misunderstanding about what the house should look like before they take off with friends.

3. Set a tone for learning.

My girls are just that…girls. They are not 45 year old women who have been cleaning and cooking for 20 people for 20 years like I have. Today is a day to pass on, in a gentle way, what I have learned over the years from my mom. It’s a place where it is ok to make mistakes and a place to learn to do it right.

That is my hope for today.

Holy Spirit, as my day begins, I need you more on these days because I am so weak. Strengthen me and all my friends, as we grow to be wiser moms, may we be wise on how we teach our girls to love others through our homes. Today may I find the victory over my selfish expectations and my controlling flesh. I’m so glad you live in me; I could never do it without you! Amen

Keep me posted, today, friend! How is the atmosphere in your house as you prepare for company?


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  1. Great post, Lynn. Doing some of the same work/training/perspective adjustments here, too!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I was going through this a few days ago since my company came early. I am learning to just “go with the flow” and as long as the bathrooms are clean and the house not too bad, I should not get upset that the kids don’t see the same urgency as I do to get things done. It is a work in process!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Lisa Evans says:

    Great information in your post today, thank you for sharing. After all has been done that can be physically done on my house, at the end of the day when the company arrives my saying is that this house is lived in, please excuse our mess! I cannot ever seem to get the perfect results I am looking for, so that’s my excuse. (haha) Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. What a wonderful, sweet reminder!! Thank you!! And Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ours will be a quiet day tomorrow as family cannot be here or us there. So I’m struggling with that.

  6. My son, his fiancee, and her parents are coming for Thanksgiving this year. My two other children are out of town. I get overwhelmed with these kinds of things! 🙂 We’ve had a lot of company in the last month. Trying to keep breathing and smiling! And have my morning quiet time!!!!!

  7. So similar to my situation! And I have 20 people coming, too! Thanks for your words of wisdom – much needed as I try to keep the atmosphere one that reflects all we have to be thankful for and not full of my stress! 🙂

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