If you are joining me here today from Proverbs 31 Ministries “Encouragement for Today” welcome!

Guess what? The dog ran away again yesterday. Does anyone want a cute but defiant beagle?!

As I pulled pulled into my driveway, there she came, trotting up the street wagging that white tipped tail of her’s. I am so afraid my neighbors are going to hate me! My blood wanted to boil…again. I’ve got better things to do then try to find Houdiani’s new escape route.

What do I do when I am irritated? Angry? Frustrated?

Sometimes, I yell. Sometimes I say words I wish that I didn’t. But lately those times are less frequent. I have begun to take my own advice: respond don’t react.

The Car Crunch

Every couple of years, my family has a truck load of mulch delivered. This monstrocity sits right on the drive; you can’t miss it!

One year, in another one of my rushes to get who knows where, I backed into the mulch pile. Maybe you know that sickening sound? Cracking plastic bumper?

How am I going to tell Greg what I’ve done this time? I dreaded his homecoming. I felt sick to my stomach. I plotted and schemed. Was there any way I could get out of telling him? No way.

As Greg pulled into the garage after a long day of work, I met him before he walked past my bummer. I mean, bumper.

Sharing my mistake from earlier in the day, I braced myself for his reaction. Nothing. His response, “It’s just a car, Lynn.” What???? Just a car?

Friend, he practically had to scoop me up off the garage floor. What forgiveness! What grace! I had made a terribly dumb move and he instantly forgave.

I remember that feeling; that feeling of not getting what I deserved. That is the type of grace I want to give; the type that is unwarranted. The type that doesn’t give another what’s coming to them. Grace just because love rules judgement.

I hope that you have experienced grace like that in your life. If so, try to remember the peace you felt when you were given unmerited favor.

When life is throwing lemons faster than you can dodge them, grab one, squeeze it hard to find the grace and make yourself some sweet lemonade!



  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved your message today, it is so easy to get in that "crabby" mood. I need to just stop and ask God to "calm " me down and act the correct way. Thank-you!

  2. Have you been peeking in the windows at my house? Boy, did your Prov31 devotion pierce my heart this morning. But what rich truth I need to hear. Thank you!

    Sweet Blessings,

  3. Thank you for the much needed reminder! Being a mom of five children, ages 7 and under, I can really relate to both of your posts! God has given me a dose of new perspective through your words today:)

  4. Friends – When I woke up this morning my husband informed me I was short with him…in my sleep! I need the Holy Spirit to invade my nights too!

  5. Pam…we all experience this at one time or another if we're honest! The Lord will help us!

  6. Thank you for all of the requests for my article "Building a Bridge to Your Child's Heart". I'll be sending those out on Monday.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Good stuff 🙂

    I like that… respond don't react. I need that in my life.

    Grace. Ya know – if we could just begin to wrap our heads around God's grace….our lives would change in some pretty big ways! So would the lives of those around us 🙂 Bless your husbands heart for gifting you with a grace-filled response!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Kate 🙂

  8. Saundra Roth says:

    Thank You soo much for your message this day. I copied the "When I am free" "List" in my devotional…it is sooooo me. I soo what to be free to see the Kingdom of God. Bless You and Your ministry.

  9. Kendra Cameron-Jarvis says:

    I love this. I know I need to work on being more grace giving. Thank you for reminding me it is important to receive grace but more important to give grace.


  10. Oh, I love this and your related P31 post. Such a good reminder.

  11. I am glad that so many of you could relate to me…it makes me feel not so alone!

    He's setting us free every day!

    Sorry I did not have a fresh post yesterday; I am preparing for a video shoot on a book trailer for my new book "His Revolutionary Love". 🙂

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