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Dear Bloggy Friends,

I am in the process of developing a new topic/conference called “Mom and Me: Relationships That Last a Lifetime”. I am trying to determine what are the most important things that moms/parents are looking for in learning to have the best possible relationship with their child.

Below are a list of things I am considering including in this topic. Would you please let me know what are your favorite? Please choose 3 – 5 from the list below. If you have any I haven’t listed, please share that too!

Mom and Me: Relationships That Last a Lifetime

Improve communication

Gain deeper level of honesty and openness

Increase opportunities for building lasting memories

Create a positive atmosphere; diminishing situations that cause tension and

Raise your understanding of each other

Boost your confidence on how to communicate with your teen

Discover things about each other that you love

Equip you to lead your daughter down a pathway of lifelong relationship with Jesus

Thanks so much for helping me help others!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I enjoy your blog and would love to help you in your quest.

    The 3 that were my top picks were:
    1. Equip you to lead your daughter down the pathway to a lifelong relationship with Jesus.

    2. Gaining a deep level of honesty and openness.

    3. Raise your understanding of each other.

    Hope this helps!

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