Yesterday, we talked about Gabriel’s message to Mary “NOTHING is impossible with God”. Though many of us are staring at situations that bring discouragement, we hold on to the promise that what Gabriel stated about our God is true.

Mary believed and said may everything you say come true. She didn’t respond with “I have no idea how you are going to pull this one off, God!”. or “I really don’t like the path You are choosing, Lord. Do you think You could try something a bit less messy?” (How would you like to walk around 6/4 BC Judea pregnant and unmarried? That’s messy!)

“You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said.” That is the blessing that Elizabeth says to her cousin. You are blessed because you believed!

Friends, may those around us be able to say that about us. Though our lives are not perfect, though trials surround us, may others be able to look at our lives and say “You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said”. May they see our faith in action. May they hear our faith in the words we say about our problem. We might not see the answer. We might not see changing taking place at this very moment. But may others see that we believe, so that one day they might believe too!



  1. I love this passage and this post. I want to be known as a woman who believes God!!!


  2. Read this today and wanted to pass it on:

    Nothing is Impossible

    ~~~Author Unknown~~~

    Prayer is the answer to every problem in life. It puts us in tune with divine wisdom, which knows how to adjust everything perfectly. So often we do not pray in certain situations, because from our standpoint the outlook is hopeless. But nothing is impossible with God.

    Nothing is so entangled that it cannot be remedied; no human relationship is too strained for God to bring about human reconciliation and understanding; no habit so deep-rooted that it cannot be overcome; no one is so weak that he cannot be strong. No one is so ill that he cannot be healed. No mind is so dull that it cannot be made brilliant.

    Whatever we need if we trust God, He will supply it. If anything is causing worry or anxiety, let us stop rehearsing the difficulty and trust God for healing, love, and power.

    Into the experience of all there come times of keen disappointment and utter discouragement–days when sorrow is the portion, and it is hard to believe that God is still the kind benefactor of His earth born children; days when troubles harass the soul, till death seems preferable to life.

    It is then that many lose their hold on God and are brought into the slavery of doubt, the bondage of unbelief. Could we at such times discern with spiritual insight the meaning of God's providences we should see angels seeking to save us from ourselves, striving to plant our feet upon a foundation more from that the everlasting hills, and new faith would spring into being.

  3. Thank you so much, Sunshine. Your timing was perfect! I received two book rejections today…you reminded me that nothing is too difficult for Him!

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