Nothing is Impossible With God

Yesterday I received my 11th rejection. Eleven publishers over the course of two years have said “no”; your message doesn’t fit our agenda. With some of those rejections I have said, “OK God…it wasn’t your best. I’ll just keep waiting with you.” Some of them I have cried and taken it personal. This time I held it in until Greg asked, “Is there something wrong?”. Then, the tears came. It is hard not to grow weary when you carry a dream and you are waiting for God to do His thing in His time.

I was encouraged today by Gabriel’s words to Mary in Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God”. NOTHING. The economy doesn’t matter to God. The fact that most publishers do not want to print books for teens doesn’t matter to God. The fact that nobody knows me and I have never been published before doesn’t matter to God. NOTHING is impossible with God.

Do you have an impossible staring you in the face? Do you have a relationship that seems damaged beyond repair? Does it seem like you will never be able to find a job? Do you often feel like you will never have victory over an addiction, eating or your tongue? You know what? I, too, am either in that place now or have been at one time in my life. What I do know, is that I have seen God’s faithfulness.

When I felt so alone and thought I would never find a man who loved God like I did and wanted to pursue Him with all His heart, I waited on God. I said no to the settling for second best and I saw His faithfulness. I have an amazing husband!

When Greg was stuck working two jobs; one in a warehouse in the morning and the other doing sales in the evening, I prayed. I knew that God would want a married couple to have time together! I asked God very specifically for a job for Greg that would meet the desires of His heart. Twenty years ago this November God gave Greg that job and he is still there today.

Those are just a couple of examples of God doing the impossible in my life. I have seen first hand that nothing is impossible with God. So I am going to stick with the history I have with Him, coupled with His promises. He is faithful, my friend. Believe for your impossible today!



  1. I loved this post.

    I wish I could sit down with you and show you my collection of rejections… trust me, it's MUCH more than 11!!

    The verse I have been quoting lately is "exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all we can ask or think." He has and will do that for us both!!

  2. Lynn, God is faithful! I wrote about this verse today too.

    Impossible. Not capable of occurring, or being dealt with, or accomplished. Totally unlikely. Something that cannot be done.

    Possible. Capable of happening. Something that can be done.

    God doesn't know the word "impossible".

    Interesting to me that the difference in the spelling that stands in the way are two little letters. I M. I'm. I am the one who often doesn't believe. I am the one who often doesn't trust. I am the one who sees nothing but difficulties ahead. I am the one doubting the possible.

    "Limitations are raw material for great expectations from God."

    Expect great things my friend. God isn't finished yet!

    Love, hugs and prayers,

  3. Lynn, Im so sorry you are having a bummer time with this! It is so frustrating and I understand your frustration! I know you have an amazing story to tell, and God will help it be known in one way or another! Hope to see you soon!

  4. Lynn,
    Did you go hear the editor from Zondervan speak at She Speaks? She had the funniest cartoon of a man displaying a quilt he had made from his 184 rejection letters. I laughed so hard, because I'm starting to relate.

    Let's believe for each other, sister, that these books will be published!


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