A Radical Revolution

“…God takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life change.” Romans 2:4

My passion is the next generation. I love teens and enjoy investing in their lives. It is with this heart that I am partnering with Proverbs 31 Ministries to begin a new outreach in the Radical Revolution division of the ministry. We are beginning “Gather & Grow” groups. The purpose of Gather & Grow groups is to gather together and grow in one with the Lord. Groups can meet anywhere, anytime, and as often as they like. What Radical Revolution offers is resources to study with these groups, support to the leaders and a blog where teen girls can come and discuss life with other like-minded girls. Groups may be lead by a teen however, they must have an adult adviser.

I have two prayer requests today:
1) Would you pray about investing in the lives of some teen girls in your life? Do you know of one or two teens who could use a woman to come along side of them and point them in the right direction? It really is not difficult; you would be surprised at how accepting young girls are. I have found this outlet of my faith to be SO rewarding. All it takes is an investment of an hour or so once a week or every other week. The return on this investment is so worth it!

2) Today I am beginning my second G & G group. I have been meeting with a couple of eighth grade girls since September and am loving it. We are studying the book “Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free”. Today, I am starting a new G & G group. This group is starting out with six sixth grade girls. My specific prayer is for one of the girls in the group who comes from a family who does not know Jesus in a personal way. Can you pray that she will enjoy the group, be drawn to Jesus and come to know Him in a passionately? Thank you SO much! I will be meeting with this group every other Tuesday after school.

If you feel the Lord might be asking you to invest in the lives of these precious girls, please contact me. You can email me at [email protected]. I would be so privileged to stand beside you as you do!


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  1. Lynn, praying for this new endeavor. I know the Lord will use you in wonderful ways to touch the hearts of these young girls.

    Trust all is well with you. LOVE your new picture on your side bar!!! I had to do a double-take! Although there have been obvious changes since I saw you in June, :o) the joy of the Lord on your face is still very recognizable!

    Love & prayers,

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