Running to Win

We are on chapter 9 of He Speaks to Me. Priscilla has some really great thoughts in this chapter.

“Isn’t our God amazing? He knows that we are weak in ourselves, so He supplies us with all the power we need. He gives the power supplied by the Spirit, the energy to get up and use that power, and the power to overcome the resistance we will face when we do. With all that power at our disposal, we don’t have any excuse for not putting on righteousness.”

Today, I was feeling weak. Weak in overcoming the mounting amount of impatience I experience with my sweet, ever changing 6th grade princess. As with our other two, sixth grade poses certain challenges that seem to only lend themselves to this very difficult year of transition. The Lord challenged me today to stop calling it frustration, tiredness, a season in my life and call it what it is: sin. The sin of impatience in my life is nothing short of love for 1 Corinthians 13 tells us that love is patient. So, I humbly call it what He calls us. Now, I need to get on with getting plugged in to all that Power Priscilla talked about.



  1. Lynn,
    Your post is awesome and so convicting! I have a 6th grader, too. Your post will ring in my spiritual ears as I deal with him. Thank you!


  2. Hi Lynn, I enjoyed sitting beside you as we learned these lessons Thursday. Glad I dropped by for a refresher of what we covered on Thursday. Isn’t it amazing how we have so many names for what is really trully simply SIN?I need to call it out in my life also. Let’s get together…

  3. Well, Lynn, I had to wait and comment here AFTER I read the chapter. Somehow I got a little behind :o)

    One sentence that really stood out to me in this chapter was, “Satan knows that once you’re a believer, he can’t destroy you, so he’s just out to distract you.” There are so many ways Satan tries to take my focus off the Lord. I find He often distracts me with circumstances and feelings – both take my eyes off the Lord and lead to worry and fear.

    This chapter also reminded us of the power that God has given us – the same power that raised Christ from the dead. Wow – that’s a lot of power! Why then do I live with such strongholds at time? That certainly isn’t what God desires.

    Looking forward to reading next weeks highlights on your blog. Thanks for keeping this up. It’s a great study!


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