Amani Tea

Beautiful Woman of Africa singing praises to our King!

Here is their team and our team together (I was the picture taker!)

Thursday was a day like no other! In the Proverbs 31 office, we had a rare opportunity to host a tea for the most beautiful woman from Africa! They are here in Charlotte representing an organization called “Amani”.

Amani is an organization who rescues women fleeing from war torn areas of Africa. Located in Kenya, Amani is a safe haven for women who come in with little hope and much grief. The women are fed, clothed, and given hope through the message of Christ. They are also taught current and solid business principals. They are encouraged in their independence (depending only on Christ) and taught a craft or skill. These creative women who are able to dig to depths in their soul to reach for design inspiration then create fashion and accessories that are sold in a wealthier global economy.

We were blessed to not only have the opportunity to fellowship with them, but also got to be entertained as well! The harmony that these women have together is incredible! It was so neat to be able to spend some time with women who are also helping women even if our ministries are across the ocean from each other!

Just think what heaven is going to be like!


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  1. Lynn, I read about this on several of the other P31 blogs too. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time with these special ladies!

    PS. Were you in this picture? I didn’t see you.

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