Running on Empty

So, my day hasn’t gotten off to the terrific start that I would have liked! Madi left her homework on the counter when we rushed off to CYC (Christian Youth Coalition) at 6:45 a.m. When I got back home, I yelled out to Greg, who was vaccuming the pool, “Madi left her homework.” “Are you going to take it to her.” “No” was my quick response. I’m pretty big on letting kids learn to be responsible by having them pay the consequences for their actions. Greg looked up at me and asked the dreaded question “Would you like it to be brought to you if you had left it?”. That’s was all it took. I grabbed my purse and was off.

You see, the Lord has shown me much mercy in my life…especially over the past couple of days. Friday night, I was driving to Charleston to see my sister, Mary and needed to stop in Moncks Corner, South Carolina to pick up her daughter, Julia. Using Mapquest, I knew exactly how many miles it was to her exit and figured it would work out just right to stop, get gas and pick her up…one nice stop. About 20 miles from the exit, my gas light came on. “That’s ok” I thought. I get about 30 miles per gallon; I’ll just be sure I pick up Julia before I head the 13 miles down the road to her town”.

Lo and behold, when I got to that exit, it was country. Just country. No gas, no fast food, no people. Just country. My heart started to pound a little. I started heading down the road, thinking gas would be just around the corner. No gas. Meanwhile, I had missed the turn to head down to Julia’s place. Now I’m starting to think, “I have so little gas (the needle is now past the E), I can’t turn around. I need to find help”. Right about now, I am really wishing I had bought one of those handy GPS units back when Greg suggested it. I asked the girls to pray. No longer is my heart racing a little – it is full on NASCAR time! As we pass by little farm houses, I ask the Lord for His mercy and help. Just then, we spot a tiny country church with two older folks sweeping the steps of it. (Just like you would picture in a movie! No joke!) I step out and ask them where was the nearest gas station. They chuckle a little bit, which doesn’t make me feel any too comfortable! The little old man says, “I got a gas can. Do you need some?” Feeling rather stupid, I wait for the lady to speak. She says there is a general store about three miles down, but she is not sure if they will have any gas. I thank them for the advice and head down the road.

There is was. It looked just like a place right out of “The Andy Griffith Show”. I pulled up to the pump, filled with relief. Madi stuck her head out and asked “Where is the pay at the pump?” She had never seen one where the numbers spin on a dial!

When I was done pumping, the gauge read 10.3 gallons. My manual says I have a 10 gallon tank, so I saw this as nothing short of a miracle.

Hopefully next time I see someone in my life who is in need of mercy, I will be not so quick to forget my little adventure with God in Moncks Corner.


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  1. Oh my friend, God is good, isn’t He! Even when we’re making our own plans and “messing up” He lovingly shows us His mercy and grace.

    Celebrating Him today,

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